Arati Reddy-Devlin

"Visual analysis of objects and the study of social life using visual materials has been of great interest to me as an artist and teacher of art. Daniel Miller argued that 'the best way to understand, convey and appreciate our humanity is through attention to our fundamental materiality'."

Maia's Yellow Rose - Watercolours and ink pen 48 x 33 cm

“I completed my Fine Art Printmaking postgraduate at Brighton University, England, after my degree in Graphic Design in 1986. Later in 1986, I was awarded a British Council Scholarship to study at the Ljubljana Academy in Slovenia. This was a pivotal point that enhanced my technical skills as a printmaker.

Following this scholarship, I trained to be an Art and Design teacher and nearly twenty years of teaching followed. During this period my family and I moved to live on a small island off Dubrovnik, Croatia, where I continued to teach and work on my art. It felt like I had stepped off the treadmill of city life having grown up in London, England. Whilst living on the island I enjoyed the vast expanse of sky which was never so readily visible in a cityscape. The abundant natural forms and scenery around our house up on the hill inspired my work.

As a trained printmaker I work backwards in my pictures, seeing work as layers of shapes, forms, colours and patterns. My black and white landscapes often start as line drawings that force me to be highly selective in my choice of shapes. These landscapes often start from the bottom of the page, creating distinct positive and negative shapes. This process has encouraged me to see the micro rather than the macro.


My current series of images include references to mechanical parts and technology to create another type of micro-world and highlights my love of Sci-fi and Medieval Art. I continue to be fascinated with fine details and when I view my work as a collection, it is dense and full of detail that requires closer inspection. Detail continues to be my preoccupation. Alongside this is my interest in calligraphy and illuminated manuscripts that is becoming part of the schema of my work as further layering of patterns.”

Black-white Landscape - Pen and ink 48 x 33 cm
iQueen - Acrylic paints, felt pen washes, white ink pen 43 x 38 cm
Colour Landscape Two Birds - Pen and inks 48 x 33 cm
Close up Leaves - Ink pen 48 x 33 cm

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