Architectural and calligraphic photography


If we combine the power of the electronic eye with the legible light we get an image belonging to a new visual language. It’s easy to understand this new language. For this purpose this architectural photograph shows us the beginning. The letter a. We all started learning to understand language by letter a. No doubt this photograph contains a powerful message. We can get ahead of events as this way of seeing photographic reality has an added it. The light through which alien beings express the self. And only the eye endowed with that power, by them, can see beyond time. It is a digital calculation synchronized with the electronic eye, only through the camera will we conquer the future. Today.
Currently this photograph is on display at ArtBox Gallery, Zurich by ArtBox Talent as part of the Show it! During the month of September and the month of November 2019. He also competes in Circle Quarterly Art Magazine 2019 contest for CFA and and the International Color Awards 2019