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"Most of my paintings are photorealistic animals, mainly wildlife. I like the freedom, the power and the beauty of these creatures. I often paint big cats, which are in my opinion, the royals of wildlife. Dramatic lighting and colors are my preferred references."

Roar - Oil on canvas 60 x 40 cm

Barbara Boeglin, born 1961, is a Swiss self-taught, amateur painter, working in oils and pastels. Her favorite subjects are flowers and realistic animals. She started painting in 2013, following the instructions of Bob Ross tutorials. After a few months of learning his style, Barbara discovered Gary Jenkins' TV shows. She studied his style in Berlin and got the Jenkins Art Teacher certificate. Barbara also visited Gary in his US home for three four-day semi-private classes.

Just for fun, Barbara took a painting class with Eric Wilson in Berlin. Eric paints realistic animals in oils and pastels. Barbara thought that this slow process would bore her, but she wanted to try anyway because of the beauty of Eric's paintings. Surprisingly she really enjoyed this slow, detailed process. This is when she started to paint animals in a realist manner.

In 2018 Barbara also began to paint with soft pastels and pastel pencils. The artist regularly takes three-day workshops with Eric Wilson in pastels. A few months ago, Barbara began employing a more impressionistic style in her paintings. She is always open to new technics and styles, for example, acrylic pouring.

Serafina - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Ecole maternelle - Pastel 70 x 50 cm
Whisper in your ear - Pastel 100 x 70 cm
Miau - Pastel 20 x 30 cm

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