Art Exhibition , Óriq coletivo artistico Gallery, Lisbon, portugal


” Im_provável – quando o caso acontece ” , Result of work developed throughout 2020, this set of works has the character and the plastic exploration of each one of the plastic artists, who consider that there is harmony between both approaches. Although each one has their space defined in the exhibition, there will be integration work, at the level of curatorship.

Chance led Nogueira de Barros and João Amoêdo Pinto, who did not know each other, to collaborate earlier this year in the collective exhibition that took place in this space, leaving the possibility of a joint exhibition open.

Layer the layer Nogueira de Barros takes us to worlds of fantasy and imagination, creating a complexity of textures and transparencies.

ÓRIQ – Coletivo Artístico
Rua Pereira e Sousa, 13 A
1350–243 Lisbon


5 november to 15 november

5 – 6 NOV -From 15h – 21h
7 – 8NOV – 10 h – 20h

12 – 13 NOV -From 15h – 21h
14 – 15 NOV – 10 h – 20h