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Circle Quarterly Art Review

Fall 2017

We review current visual arts trends and original practices in a variety of disciplines. Circle Quarterly Art Review offers a curated selection of original artwork and provides a valuable index for curators and collectors. The Fall issue includes 53 international contemporary artists.

Spotlight Magazine

October 2017

The #October Issue of #Circle #SpotlightMagazine is here! An amazing selection of talented artists from around the globe awaits you to leaf through it page by page. Including artists from #Canada, #England, #Netherlands, #Oman, #Egypt, #Germany, #Italy, #China, #Taiwan, #Nigeria, #France, #Denmark, #Austria, #USA, #Belgium, #Switzerland, #Russia, #Greece, #Indonesia, #Portugal, #Japan, #Hungary, #Yugoslavia, #Scotland, #Latvia, #Tunisia, #Norway, #Poland, #Chile, #South Africa, #New Zealand, #Australia, #South Korea.

Spotlight Magazine

July 2017

The pages of Spotlight Magazine introduce you to our juried member artists, proposing a handpicked selection of artwork to collect. The July 2017 issue features 35 artists working in a variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, digital media, sculpture, and photography. 

Spotlight Magazine

June 2017

With a selection of  59 contemporary artists from 12 different countries, this issue of Spotlight Magazine offers you a handpicked selection of art worth collecting. Click on each artist's name to explore their profile and visit their website to connect with them directly. 

About Our Magazines


Our magazines are available online to read page-by-page for free. The online magazines are distributed through our website, Issuu.com and our dedicated newsletter, with an overall projected reach of about 75,000 readers. You can click on each artist's name or address for a direct link to their website, to connect with them and for a commission, collaboration, discussion etc.

Print Magazine

Elegantly designed and with optimal emphasis on the artwork, our magazines are printed in Europe with high-quality full-color 115gram paper and a full-color cover of 200gram. Perfectly bound each issue is available in two sizes, regular and pocket which you can order directly to your address of choice. Print copies are distributed to art lovers and professionals at major art fairs and events in New York, Miami, and Europe.  

Featured Artists

The artists in Circle Quarterly Art Review are selected among hundreds of participants through the Circle Quarterly Magazine Competition.  Spotlight Magazine introduces collectible artwork by our juried member artists. No matter the variety in medium and style all our artists have one thing in common; a dedicated practice and an accomplished or upcoming career.

Open Call for Artists

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