Arthur Dworin

Intimate, spiritual and classic handwriting

nonverbal unfiltered observations and emotions

moving parts suspended, though frozen in place, ever changing

A meld. Choreography of Ancient/futuristic symbolic objects in a kind of time loop.


Scerzo - Mixed media 49 x 37 in.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, 1943, Arthur Dworin studied at Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts (now: College for Creative Studies) Art Students League, Woodstock and has had fellowships with Arnold Blanch Fellow, Ossibow Is and has a resume which includes many solo shows. Visit his website to read his full biography.

Dworin improvises with forms that resonate musically with his own spiritual explorations.  I hope that “the spirit in these works will act as a key to awaken what is already deep within the observer, anew with each viewing, bringing a greater awareness of our inner and outer universes.”

Wisdom of the Feminine - Mixed media 37 x 50 in.
Spiral Surge - Mixed media 40 x 86 in.
Allegro - Mixed media 37 x 50 in.
Duet - Mixed media 41 x 86 in.
Dune - Mixed Media Bas Relief, 36 x 48 in. - $8,500
Traversed Terrain - Mixed Media Bas Relief, Diptych, 48 x 64 in. - $9,500
Renewal - Mixed Media Bas Relief, Diptych 84 x 64 in. SOLD
Ascent - Mixed Media Bas Relief, Tripych 84 x 120 in. - $20,000
Ebb & Flow - Mixed Media Bas Relief, Diptych 48 x 64 in. - $9,500

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