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Holger A. Baehr, Herb Bardavid, Alyson J Barton, Judith Beale, Marcio Bravo, Giora Carmi, John Chehak, Lode Coen, Wendy Cohen, Conge, Eric Cremers, Jun Gueco Cruz, Barbara D’Angelo Månsson, Björn Dämpfling, Peter Dee, Donelli J. DiMaria, Georg Douglas, Natalie Egger, Lilian R. Engel, Zdene Flerin, Fong Fai, Yiannis Galanakis, Harry Goldstrom, Golfoart, Michael Ian Goulding, Garry D Harley, Ronna S. Harris, Monica Hilario, Amber Hiscott, Chia-Yen Ho, Ivan Iliev, Dana Ingesson, Mónica Isla, Dita Jacobovitz, Jason John, Fran Johnson, Anthea Kerou, Irene Koroluk, Brigitte Kratochwill, Marek Krumpár, Noémie L. Côté, Alfredo Laporta, Kyunghee Lee, Anson Liaw, Jenny Ping Lam Lin, Rongrong Luo, Marissa Madonna, Leo Hong Mao, Nikolay Marinov, Lindsey McTavish, Barbara Mierau-Klein, Erik Mofjell, Billy Moro-Wey, Anna Noel, Vanessa Onuk, Jon Bøe Paulsen, Romy Pfeifer, Anatoly Popov, Jean Jacques Porret, Aina Putnina, Raymond Quenneville, Wen Redmond, Cheryl R Richardson, Rmoo, Amy Schleif, Klara Sedlo, Coriolana Simon, Stanislav Riha, Haiyang Sun, Leah K. Tomaino, Martina Uthardt, Michela Valenti, Giorgios Gio Vassiliou, Yanina Voró, Gary Wagner, Robert Walker, Yvonne Welman, Marti White, d W Whitfield, Jan Williams, Leigh Witherell, Sylvia Wuensche-Wienands, Hsiung Yu, Ewa Zeller


Curator's Note

This edition presents remarkable work by 86 international artists, each offering their unique take to making art. The anthology spans painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, digital art, mixed media, and new media, reflecting my deep interest in the diversity of perspectives and approaches to fine art. Within these pages, you will encounter serene landscapes capturing nature’s tranquil beauty, still life paintings rendered with detailed realism, and hyperrealistic yet surreal portraits that delve into identity and reality. Mixed media pieces bridge traditional fine arts with cutting-edge technologies, while black-and- white photographs blend clinical precision with artistic depth. Vibrant abstract compositions play with color and form, detailed urban landscapes master contemporary scenes, and intricate textile art invites tactile engagement. Digital art combines elegance with surrealism, creating visually stunning imagery.

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Print copies of the 4th Issue of ART IDEAL hardcover book are available for direct order to your address of choice.  This is a premium quality, hardcover art book at a horizontal layout (29.7 x 21 cm or 11.6 x 8.2 in.)  Book Details: 116 pages Full color.  Printed in The Netherlands. Published in France by Circle Foundation Art Press. Distributed internationally.

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