The CFA Artist of the Year Award 2018

Award and Grant Announcements

This year we had an overwhelming participation of over 860 visual artists who competed for Circle Foundation’s Artists of The Year Award. Art is undeniably subjective and comparing artworks is arguably impossible. The purpose of our annual competition is not to compare or to measure the artists and their artworks, but instead to award and reward as many artists possible, artists who make remarkable work, who have a dedicated and exceptional practice. In 2018/9, we gave away 2,000€ in 3 grants and then the front and back cover as well as pages in our magazines. We also awarded 150 more artists with Finalist and Excellence Certificates.

First Place Award

Cinta Vidal - Painter (Spain) 1,000 Euros + Front Cover of Spotlight Magazine

Second Place Award

Nicolas Bruno - Photographer (USA) 500 Euros + Back Cover of Spotlight Magazine

Third Place Award

Steven Volpe - Painter (Canada) 500 Euros + 2 pages in Spotlight Magazine


100 Artists have been selected for a Finalist Award

50 Artists have been selected for an Excellence Award

863 artists participated in this contest.

Important Notes for Artists

If you were not selected for an award please understand that picking only 150 artists was not an easy task. We have emailed all participating artists personally. If you did not receive our email, please email us now at


Images by the winning artists