The CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019

Award and Grant Announcements

We invited artists to show us their work and compete for our Artist of the Year titles and awards. We based our judgement on the aesthetical and technical aspects of each artist's images as well as the degree of originality and uniqueness of each artist's practice. Please read below for the announcement of this year's awards.

CFA Artist of the Year

First Place Award


b.1944, Prague,Czech Republic

One pearl per day for Judith (tribute to Caravaggio) oil on canvas - 195 x 130 cm


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CFA Artist of the Year

Second Place Award

Iva Troj

b. United Kindom

The Last Swan Oil on canvas 53 x 71 cm

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CFA Artist of the Year

Third Place Award

Sarah Ann Weber

b. 1988 in Chicago, IL, USA

Strange, strange skies - Watercolor and colored pencil on panel, artist's frame, 60 x 40 in. 2019


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Important Notes for Participating Artists

We have emailed all participating artists personally. Certificates are not included in the annoucement email to ensure that you receive the email.

If you did not receive our email regarding the results annoucement, please email us now at

Watch the Video

Lukas Kandl accepts 1st Place Award

Watch the Video

Sarah Ann Weber accepts 3rd Place Award

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