Artwork created for the invitational “beloved, tortured, eaten” poster art exhibition for the July 2022 “Our Planet – Our Rules” exhibition at Museum Bünde


An illustration created for the invitational “beloved, tortured, eaten” poster art exhibition to be held at Museum Bünde in Germany in July 2022.

Museum Bünde will be presenting an exhibition titled, “Our Planet – Our Rules”. This exhibition focuses on the ruthlessness with which we humans regard nature as a storehouse of material whose sole purposes is to be of use to us.

Accompanying this exhibition titled, “beloved, tortured, eaten” will look at this topic from an artistic perspective. Artists who are interested in seeing 1 or 2 of their works presented in a natural science museum will have their say.

The works shown should explore the ambivalence that humans show in their dealings with nature. Motives of our actions are to be explored and questioned.

Why is our pet allowed to sleep in bed with us but we make sausage for breakfast out of farm animals which are just as sentient and intelligent as our four-legged darlings? Why do we buy sustainable paper straws but can’t part with our SUV with combustion engine?

The artists are given a great deal of freedom – the works may and should have a personal reference and reflect their own opinions and values. The works can also deal critically with one’s own behavior. All kinds of representational forms are welcome. All participating artists will be honored with a certificate.