Ashima Kumar

Ashima Kumar is a visual artist working at the cutting edge of Fine Art and Graphic Design. Her style is a unique fusion of doodle art with traditional style and digital media. Ashima juxtaposes graphic simplicity with painterly strokes. Her artworks are symbolic of Beauty, Wonder and Serenity.

Circle of Unity - Mixed media 89 x 58 cm

“Art can penetrate the deepest part of us where no words exist”. 

Ashima Kumar is a visual artist from India living in the UK. After completing her BFA degree in applied arts, Ashima started to work at the cutting edge of Graphic Design and Fine Art. Her style is a unique fusion of doodle art, traditional art, and modern technology. Her creative works are a connection between humanity and the natural environment. Ashima juxtaposes geometric simplicity with painterly strokes, drawing inspiration from traditional folk-art forms and natural patterns. 

Her work is often considered a fine example of what possibilities happen when you pair clean, strong forms with a powerful message. Her effort has been to showcase how, with the use of bold and rule-breaking visual language, visual art can inspire and be a vital element in the growth of businesses and also in nudging public perceptions in desirable ways. She describes her artistic technique as threefold: "dream, doodle, design." She is always seeking to transform the experiential into visible patterns and definite forms. Her creations are spontaneous. She translates her thoughts and narrates the story into patterns and composition using fine line drawings and colours. 

Her passion for creating art and challenging moral themes have enabled her to become a regular contributor to multiple art fairs and exhibitions e.g., Focus Art - Louvre, The Swiss Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, Flux Exhibition etc. Her art has been featured in several publications like Aesthetica, Flux Review, Spotlight Magazine, 365 art+ Magazine, The New Art Book 2019, The Home and Gardens, Times of India, India Design World, etc. She is fast gaining a reputation as an international artist. 

Her art has not only been displayed at art exhibitions but has also struck a chord with organizations seeking to build/extend their brand identity.  

Ashima utilises elements from her art practice to impart tools for well-being. An absolute sensory and tactile delight, her therapy.

Nothing is lost yet - Mixed media 28 x 40 cm
Affection - Mixed media 42 x 60 cm
Looking Ahead - Mixed media 28 x 40 cm
Relationship - Mixed media 50 x 70 cm

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