Ashley Collin

"Painting is in a transitional state challenging our perception of what we see, think, feel and experience."

Untitled (Vertical), 2018 - 40 x 50 cm

"My art presents as a journey but one of imagination and begins by contemplating and selecting ideas as single entities. which find representation through the language of abstraction and pure geometrical forms, transitioning them to new visual experiences and states. My artistic strategies and experiments emulate techniques from typical modernist art such as symmetrical representations, flat areas of colour, line and pattern. In many works a grid-like image is present, dividing the surface to create patterns that relate to the dimensions of the support. I see it as a metaphor for progress, stability and order; but it can be deconstructed or fractured in its own right with further exploration within the studio pushing the work onto new alternate planes. I intuitively recycle the use of the grid concept, existing images and ideas which are layered onto my compositions by vivid or muted colours.

Parallel to the above I often work between painting and drawing, each discipline informs the other, both focussing on the abstract relationships of old and new journeys."



Solo Exhibitions

2018 'ARTBOX.SCREEN EVENT', ARTBOX.GALLERY, Zürich, Switzerland- Screen exhibit

2016 'UNTITLED STATES', Gallery Art Scene X', Olsztyn, Poland

2015 'COLLECTIVE - ABSTRACT FORMS', Gallery Attic MOK, Olsztyn, Poland


Group Exhibitions

2020 'RBSA Open Exhibition 2020', The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, UK

2019 'THE ARTBOX. PROJECT Miami 2.0', Florida, USA

2019 'Shortlisted Artist', The Royal West of England Academy 167th Open Exhibition, Bristol, UK

2019 'THE ARTBOX. PROJECT Zurich 1.0,' SwissArtExpo, Switzerland

2019 'Salon Des Refuses' 2019 RA Summer Exhibition, Camden Image Gallery, London, UK

2019 'PAINTING PRIZE 2019' Open Exhibition, The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, Birmingham, UK

2019 'Shortlisted Artist', The Royal Academy of Arts 251st Summer Exhibition, Burlington house, London, UK

2018 'The Royal Academy of Arts 250th Summer Exhibition', Burlington House, London,UK

2018 'Free Form' BWA Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland

2018 'THE ARTBOX. PROJECT New York 1.0', New York, USA

2017 'THE ARTBOX. PROJECT Basel 1.0', Switzerland

2017 'ERA OF CHAMPIONS II' Gallery Zpap, House of Fine Art, Association of Polish Artists, Warsaw, Poland

2017 'ERA OF CHAMPIONS', Luck, Ukraine

2016 'THE ARTBOX. PROJECT Miami 1.0', USA

2016 'Gallery Stalowa', XXI Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland

2016 'International 6x6 x 2016', Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA

2016 'Art Jail', Polish Embassy, Zagreb, Croatia

2016 'Art Fresh Festival 7', Hotel Sheraton, Warsaw, Poland

2015 'CONTEMPORARY PAINTING', The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK

2015 'Quantum Gravity', Marzia Frozen Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2010 'BA Hons Degree Show', University College Falmouth, Cornwall, UK



2019  Painting Prize Winner for Young Artist Under 35 Award' Open Exhibition, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham


Selected Press & Web

2018 'Saatchi Art' Artist of the Day Event online special

Untitled, 2018 - Oil 40 x 50 cm (Royal Academy of Arts Summer Show Exhibited)
Untitled (Quadriptych States), 2020 - Oil on 4 panels Ea. 40.6 x 55.9 cm
Untitled (Parallel State), 2019 - Oil 40 x 50 cm
Untitled (Blocks), 2017-9 - 80 x 100 cm

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