Ashling Aileron

Diana's Farewell - Oil on canvas 40 x 20 in.

Born 1980 in Singapore, Ashling Aileron lives in middle earth (Wellington) with her lovely little family. She is a self-taught artist who loves coffee and wine. Ashling specialists in oil paintings and has recently entered the art scene (2017). She hopes to achieve Escapism, peace, and inspiration for her audiences through her artwork.

Ashling’s style is free-spirited and momentous, often featuring combined elements of surrealism, impressionism, and photorealism. She prefers working in oil colors, and a keen eye allows her to manipulate her paintings by the layer. Her landscape paintings often display dramatic color and awe-inspiring scenery, playing on the eye with subtle effects and bringing out the light and softness in each.

Linda's Sunset - Oil on canvas 36 x 18 in.
Medusa, Misunderstood Colored pencil and watercolor on paper 12 x 9 in.
Bateleur Eagle - Oil on canvas 40 x 30 in.
Endless Romance - Oil on canvas 48 x 24 in.


The grandiose of life often spurred her to paint on. She connects with people and their emotions and her paintings are often inspired by their emotions. Often, skies and scenery will revitalize and rejuvenate her creativity. With a passion for life, she also draws inspiration from experiences, memories, motivation by others, and impressions from the ever-changing environment.  Each piece of art she creates has it’s own unique individuality and style, sometimes with a story of their own.

Ashling has many art heroes in life, and she draws the drive and passion to push forward from the art master, Andrew Tischler. Ashling already has pieces on display in the U.K, New Zealand, and Singapore and her work is gaining traction in the art scene. Her audiences are fast growing and she is currently working on the "Alternate Skies" series for her upcoming exhibition in October 2018. Her other hobbies include reading, playing pool and slashing baddies in a good RPG game. She plays a half-elven ranger in one of her favourite games, Skyrim.

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