Audrey Kay Dowling

"My goal is to convey an appreciation for the visual treasures that surround me as I explore around outside. To me, form is beautiful, color is exciting, movement is visually stimulating, and texture and patterns open my eyes and my heart to express myself artistically."

Sweet Signs of Spring - Mixed media 21 x 23 in.

"I have been an active clay, mixed media and paint artist for many years. Diversity in the mediums I use keeps my work fresh and my artistic explorations continuously flowing, but always my artistic vision and goals are to convey a deep appreciation of the natural world. I am also a gallerist who has owned Portage Hill Art Gallery in western New York State for 39 years. My award-winning work has been accepted and collected regionally, nationally and internationally."

Sharing the Daily News During Covid 19 - Mixed media 22 x 18 in.
Dreaming in Color - Mixed media 23 x 21 in.
Singing Songs of Love - Mixed media 16 x 17 in.
Jays of Summer - Mixed media 21 x 23 in.

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