River of Dreams


River of Dreams – Online exhibition

Contemporary Art Curator. My canvas “Boreal – Allegro -Black and White – Extravaganza – La Mer” are part of this exhibition.


Invited to create poster artwork for International KUDUS Poster Exhibition 2021


I am very honored to be an invited designer-artist by receiving this beautifully designed invitation from Graphic Designer artist and Project Manager, Resul Ay, the Art Committee and Organization Committee of the Free Kudus International Poster Exhibition to participate by creating poster artwork for International KUDUS Poster Exhibition 2021.

Title: Free Kudus (version 2)
Media: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 50 cm wide by 70 cm high

Illustration artwork by Anson Liaw



The series of work TEMPOSQUISITO by artist Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, of which ‘BEYOND THIS POINT everything remains 5’ is a part, will be exhibited in London, U.K., at the London Biennale from 1st July 2021. The artist’s work engages aerial research & filming to re-form perceptions, photographically and cinematically, of aerial visions, bodies in free-fall, and challenges of navigational narratives. The work speaks to the plasticity of the aerial view, atmospheric materialism, and the allure of elemental envelopment (deflation of hot air balloon) to disclose the possibility of rethinking concepts of navigation and the dislocated body across extremes of distance and spatial proximity.
The works engage with both navigational satellite and ground research, photographic still-moving imagery & topographical terrain shifts along the northern hemisphere latitude parallel between 37.7 N. and 47 N., the demarcation of northern hemisphere latitudes along which Roberts-Goodwin traversed and tracked from satellite, hot air balloon through to ground level–the imagined route that daredevil Italian pioneer balloonist Vincenzo Lunardi in the 18 Century had attempted. Otherworldly narratives and myths, both spatial and temporal combine an explorative approach, coupled with the artist’s passion for driving and expanding historical narratives that are measured through lines of latitude which rarely impinge on everyday experience.
The London Biennale is a museum exhibition curated by Gagliardi Gallery in conjunction with the International Confederation of Art Critics and the Chianciano Art Museum.



Although the theme of anorexia is a difficult one, I wanted to treat it with cheerful, warm and hopeful colors. Anorexia mainly affects young people, it is a disease that is often cured. The flowers that fly around the head represent this hope…

Tatiana An participates in London Art Biennale 2021!


My painting “Tell me the story” participates in London Art Biennale 2021!
This year, the selection was especially difficult for the jury due to the huge number of applications. Nevertheless, 454 entries were selected and I am happy that my work will be part of such a grand event.
Tatiana An

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine’s inaugural Collector’s Vision International Art Award news


Contemporary Art Curator Magazine’s inaugural Collector’s Vision International Art Award news

I am very pleasantly surprised, pleased,honored and thankful to be informed by Marta Puig, Editor, Anna Holmes, Executive Editor and Veronica Weinberg, Editorial Assistant of Contemporary Art Curator Magazine that I am 1 of 207 artists selected to be a winner & recipient of the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine’s inaugural Collector’s Vision International Art Award.

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine is proud to inaugurate the Collector’s Vision International Art Award, recognizing and encouraging the outstanding achievements and potential of today’s artists wherever they might live and work.

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine presents the Collector’s Vision International Art Award to an artist who has achieved a body of work of major cultural significance.

Collector’s Vision International Art Award celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world! It is a highly-anticipated Award presented to the most outstanding and talented artists working in the art world now.

How the Collector’s Vision International Art Award is given:

The recipient of the Collector’s Vision International Art Award is chosen by an independent, international jury made up of art world experts: owners of galleries, curators, art collectors and art fair consultants. The selection committee of the Collector’s Vision International Art Award is a team of experts who remain anonymous to preserve their independence.

Here are 3 links to review some information, the artist features & interviews, and for the list of selected winners each with some artwork selected for permanent online exhibition within the COLLECTOR’S VISION INTERNATIONAL AWARD section of the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine website:




Mary, the challenge in the ceramics


In the creative process of these artworks, they are questioned within the parameters of the contemporary logic: just as fugacity, experimentation, the multidisciplinary discoursive practice and the conceptual weight on which the artwork sustains itself.
Its highest motivation is the resulting break from the burning of the clay when it turns the ceramics inflexible and moving it in a playful way, thinking.
Creation and audacity,crossings, contacts, frictions along the process and the willingness of cancelling the first function of the shapes.Creating other shapes, another time for them.
Each process moment is related to the involvement with the nature, used as an integration with the shapes, creating a play of transparency and lightness. How to integrate weight and lightness.
It is a construction between the ceramics and other materials/media which mixes image references and the fictional weavering of the memory. Is it a creative and interpretative process?
The animated artworks pass through other crossings.
They must be exhibited in looping and in a louder sound, because the sound definitely confirms their movements.The moment of silence of each animated artwork, is important to be observed, It is a reminder of Koellreuter’s lecture about “the silence of music”.
The developing process of these animations has the purpose of, in all times, to reframe, and transcript their shapes.They provide the look of a new perception at each instant of the artwork.
The necessity of respecting the essence of the artwork runs through its animating singularity of constructing, desconstructing, reconstructing its shape. This allows a new relationship with the spectator, who has always the exercise of looking, questioned.
Rafael Trindade (assistant in this animation process) understands that the initial idea of this Project is to appropriate these elements of the artwork for desorganizing its idea of rigid and immutable.

Collector’s Vision International Art Award


Collector’s Vision International Art Award

COLLECTOR’S VISION International Art Award celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world!

Contemporary Art Curator 2021 May 07th.