Vaporous Landscape


My works are inspired by a spontaneous painting of landscapes and different themes with deep atmospheres. I do not seek to reproduce nature, but an interpretation of my inner gaze. My works take shape from my imagination, they are instinctive, representational as well as abstract.

Mask, a sample on the dystopia that we live


In the exhibition project a handful of creators reflect and conceptualize about what this historical moment that we are experiencing related to the Coronavirus pandemic has meant. This exhibition project of visual arts, has as its central axis the Coronavirus, Covid-19, a pandemic of multiple readings that plagues all of humanity at the moment said visual artist and art curator Mariojosé Ángeles.
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Ausstellung im Fritz- Reuter-Literaturmuseum


Ausstellung im Fritz Reuter Museum der Stadt Stavenhagen/Mecklenburgische Seenplatte. Zu sehen sind Malerei/Zeichnungen des phantastischen Realismus. Ein Zitat von Edgar Allen Poe dient als Motto für die Ausstellung.
Ihre Popularität verdankt die Stadt Stavenhagen ohne Zweifel ihrem berühmten Sohn Fritz Reuter, dem bedeutendsten Schriftsteller niederdeutscher Sprache, der hier im Jahr 1810 geboren wurde

“Get the Message Words and Images” Juried Exhibition 2020

“Get the Message Words and Images” Juried National Exhibition 2020
Arts Benicia, Benicia, California

Wisdom of the Ages in a Spring Wetland

“The cold is leaving my bones.

A stirring is seeping into my limbs as the water navigates the
verdant humus and downfall.
I laugh to myself thinking another year…

I look around at the young shoots that are bursting towards the sun.
Which one of those bold beginnings will be here when I have taken my last breath?

What do they want to learn in their haste towards the sky?

Do they notice the blackened scars on my torso?
Will they appreciate the deep lines in my face?
Will they lean into me for comfort or turn toward the light?

Which ones will give themselves up to the cleansing fires
that will forever
change the landscape?

Do they know they are there to house the young and the old,
To hold the birds in their arms and hide the squirrels stash of nuts
under their roots?
How will they feel when the bear scratches their skin looking for sustenance?

I will patiently wait for them to ask,

so much to learn, so much to give.”




Bathers, oil on wooden board, 84x84cm, 2018

Ignoring actual trends, the paintings are inspired by social phenomena and nature. The works of mine are the images of the inner memory. They create themselves through me.

LAURA DADDABBO featured in the “LOCKDOWN- sospesi in casa” event, exhibits her project “Time in a bottle” at the GAM, Gallery of Modern Art in Catania (Sicily), from 3 to 30 October 2020.


Three photographs from Laura Daddabbo’s “Time in a bottle” project were selected as best project in a contest organized by the Milanese agency GT Art Photo Agency in collaboration with Catanese F2 Projects for photography association and are on display in the “Lockdown – Sospesi in casa” exhibition.

The selection of the works identified as the most interesting are exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art in Catania at the same time as the largest photo exhibition “FEELING HOME”.

All the works are exhibited from the 3rd to the 30th of October 2020 at the Gallery of Modern Art (GAM) in via Castello Ursino 32, Catania



My new artworks are versatile. They do what they want. They hang themselves, they like to be on small tables, they like to be part of an instalation, they can go to the floor, they can go anywhere. I’ve done
experiences with new shapes and darker colours. The name of the series has become a dilemma; several hours and days. I’ve thought of many possibilities but the shape prevailed and the ‘Strange Balls’ came out. Hallelujah!!!


Salon d’Automne has selected Artist Hsiung YU (Gillian) – [Art Therapy ] work for the annual exhibition which will take place from October 14 to 18, 2020 on the Champs-Elysées.(Following the announcements by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Wednesday, September 23rd, about the situation related to the continuation of the spread of COVID 19, the definitive cancellation of the Art Élysées 2020 Fair was announced in the press by the company OREXPO)
Title : Art Therapy
Years: 2017
Media : Oil Painting
Dimensions : 200 x 127 cm

Creative idea
When I was traveling through painting, my soul was in a difficult position. How can I get out of the low tide and stir my heart every day, I must find an exit. I have always recorded the results with my pen in the process of painting. When I encounter suffering and bitterness, I will talk with my favorite works to strengthen the creativity and action. I understand that art treats the complex and deep psychology. The role, in order to calm my mind, I put the images of celebrity paintings into my canvas. The mentality produced during the process is very subtle, sometimes speechless, sometimes calm like rain. From a therapeutic perspective, “some kind of spiritual companionship” is undoubtedly a way to relieve stress. It allows me to complete the dialogue with the creators of a certain time with more meditation and narrative. . The companionship needed to study oneself on the basis of art is also used to focus on the process of generating new recognition, and to consider others and one’s own artistic creation as one of the important guidelines for understanding one’s own work and the method to restore spiritual courage. The journey of discovery is more in-depth than the appreciation of famous paintings and understanding of celebrities, because it contains all the worlds immersed in a state of one line, one painting, one oil and one color, which helped me through some stages of psychological chaos. . I draw abstraction with innovation as the core spirit. As far as therapy is concerned, I need a unique analogy to understand the motivation to distinguish between my own progress and the desire to innovate. This spiritual quality transforms the inner influence, external phenomena and I think From a behavioral science perspective, I get many valuable facets. Use the empirical truth to meditate to obtain spiritual salvation, to find ways to satisfy the self-inquiry, and through companionship to explore the uncertainty derived from and emerge from the painting career along the way. This artistic psychotherapy creation is rich clinical experiments. From Van Gogh, Schiller,Bernard Buffet, Picasso, Chagall, Modigliani, Yuanlifu , and feel the tangible and intangible help of companionship in their intentions. Everything is real, and I have adjusted my mindset to reflect on the meaning of painting. I do n’t know if this is called the heart. The placebo effect, it has indeed produced many psychological reactions in my personal experience. However, inexplicably having an uncoordinated mental state in painting has also made the process more chaotic. As for the configuration of the composition of the main character of the painting, the layout of the color tension also adds a lot of difficulty, and the confusion of the creative philosophy is not intentional. Clip into color and strokes. I really believe that when the mind moves, it allows us to be more aware of what has happened in the experience and accepts its impact on ourselves. Finally, I get the common core value, so I multiply my pulse technique. It is difficult to replicate the integration of blooming, tracing, masking, and multi-level color stacking. I have gone through the concrete records of my life ’s painting stage, enjoyed the journey of expanding my mind, and experienced the mental reaction of spiritual companionship to distinguish my many thoughts on the subject, process, and result of painting. It is necessary to find a solution. I use art to express another existing art.

Accepted at The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition. UK.


“The Last Letter” Aqua Graphite and Sepia Watercolor. 62cm x 97cm accepted at the exhibition “The Sunday Times Watercolor Competition” October 2020 – January 2021
Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery
Market Place, Basingstoke, RG21 7QD UK. This is the first time in the prestigious exhibition’s 33-year history that it is made international.