NordArt 25 anniversary Büdelsdorf Germany 1 June – 6 Oct.


Assumed with four artworks for the exhibition NordArt 2024 1 June – 6 October.
Since 1999 the NordArt has established itself as one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe which takes place anually in the summer months. The NordArt is an overall work of art in its own right and is designed as such each year. More than 200 international artists, selected by a jury, present a comprehensive panorama of contemporary art. Each individual work not only speaks for itself but also creates new perspectives when seen juxtaposed against the unique backdrop offered by the Carlshütte and the adjacent historical sculpture park. The exhibition is visited by over 200,000 visitors each year.

Participation in Woman´s Essence Show 2024 Barcelona


I am very pleased that I have been selected for the exhibition Woman´s Essence Show 2024 at the Valid World Art Halls Barcelona March 29th to 31st.
Selected artists, in addition to exhibiting their works, receive the annual price WAA Woman ´s Art Award established by Musa International.
Christa Schmid-Ehrlinger


Hi I am having my first Art Exhibition, it is called Exploring Life Through Bark, it is at The Entrance Gallery NSW Australia, dates are opening 20th running till 25th open times are 9.30 am till 4.00pm.

Weronika Raczynska received The Botticelli International Prize


On January 2024 Weronika Raczynska received The Botticelli International Prize. On this occasion Weronika Raczynska participated in a multimedia group show with some of the best international contemporary artists at Borghese Palace in Florence, Italy in January 2024. At this group show at Borghese Palace in Florence, Italy was shown ”The Nude” acrylic painting by Weronika Raczynska. ”The Nude”, the awarded painting by Weronika Raczynska with a focus on human body is related to Sandro Botticelli’s nude paintings. Although the face in Raczynska’s painting is not idealized as it was idealized in Botticelli’s paintings, the concept of Raczynska’s painting is rooted in European history of art. At the same time ”The Nude” by Raczynska is a contemporary voice of emancipation.

Weronika Raczynska at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition


Weronika Raczynska exhibits her painting at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition at Spazio Dueunodue Gallery in Bologna, Italy. Art lovers, art collectors, art critics, journalists and fans of artists are invited to view works of art of artists mostly from Italy, as well as from Germany, Japan, Poland, Austria, France and USA among others. The focus of the exhibition is on the theory of beauty. The artists reply through their works of art on the question: is the gaze always conditioned by the viewer’s cultural constructs, knowledge of history of art and contemporary art? Weronika Raczynska exhibits “Human Shape In A Landscape” acrylic painting at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition. Raczynska would like the viewers to feel the boundless of the landscape and at the same time she asks the question of the possibillity to see the beauty in ordinary surroundings. The exhibition lasts from 13 to 22 January 2024 at Spazio Dueunodue Gallery in Bologna, Italy. On display works of art of 33 artists from different cultural backgrounds.

Zdene Flerin at London Art Biennale 2023


Zdene Flerin exhibited one of his painting from Life line collection as selected artist at 6th International edition London Art Biennale 2023, taking place from the 26th to the 30th of July 2023.

1st Place Winner Figural/People Art&Color 365 Magazine USA


1st Place Winning Entry Jon Bøe Paulsen, The Guests Arrive, Oils. ARC Living Master Jon Bøe Paulsen has won First Place in Art and Color 365 Magazine’s Figural/People art competition with his oil painting, “The Guests Arrive.”
Paulsen considers himself a new realist painter and focuses on chiaroscuro techniques in his work, accentuating strong contrasts between light and dark for dramatic effect.

World Art Dubai 2024


World Art Dubai celebrates its 10th edition from 2-5 May 2024.
This milestone year offers plenty of opportunities to engage with the global art world for established and emerging artists. You can easily to demonstrate their art and gain a unique experience at the most interesting and exciting exhibition in Dubai. Please visit the website for more detailed information and if you have any questions please do not hesitate contact me via email: