Exhibition at MAMAG Modern Art Museum


Very honored to be presented until April 26, 2021 by the Mamag Modern Art Museum in Austria…Pablo Picasso and Dali at the top of the list !
The new exhibition of MAMAG Modern Art Museum focuses on the work of art and the creation of the artwork and shows facet-rich sides of the art.

Blending the Bending Light


Twilight moments attune our sensibilities to the beauty of contrasting paradox. Light bends around energies and creates a coalescence of alluring grace. The blending hues of light and dark give honor to each distinction, while strengthening a new song. As an artist, as a person, I am intensely focused on the relative truth of what I see.

As Claude Monet once wrote: “You have to know how to seize just the right moment in a landscape instantaneously, because that particular moment will never come again, and you are always wondering whether the impression you got was truthful.”

Art Renewal Center 15th Salon Finalist. USA


Portrait of Peter T. Smedvig. Finalist in the category Portraiture ARC 15th Salon. NJ. USA. Art Renewal Center received 4,941 entries this year from 83 countries. 40%, 1,977 works, were selected as semi-finalists, all of which will be featured on the ARC website. 1,155 works have now been selected as our finalists, 23% of entries. Winners will be posted on January 13th 2021.

Exhibition “15X15” 2020


Last 4th December, the “15X15” exhibition opened in Mataró (Barcelona) with artworks from 76 artists in 15 cm per 15 cm, a challenging format, and very different themes and techniques. This year my collaboration is “Darkness”, a work in charcoal on polyester film.

Shoals honored in international competition


Shoals, a photograph captured and developed by Mike DeCesare, has been honored in the 14th Annual International Black & White Spider Awards, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Results of the competition were announced in November, 2020. In all, 7,000 entries in 32 categories, from 69 countries, were submitted. As is customary for Mike DeCesare, the work is made in a very limited edition, a total of 10 signed and numbered prints produced on fine art paper.

“Rewilding the Human Spirit” Reviewed Positively by New York ARTNews


Amazilia’s book of nudes in nature has been positively reviewed by Jennifer Vignone of New York ART News. Jennifer comments :-
“one of the admirable things about Paul Veron’s online book, “Rewilding the Human Spirit” is the exploration of a theme. This book is an immersion in the nude poised in nature, standing out against the landscape or melding with the elements. He opens the book with an essay where he recounts several experiences that inspired him to his own “rewilding” and the creation of this volume. As Mr. Veron explains in Chapter Three of his accompanying text:

“…Rewilding is all about the experience of connecting deeply and intuitively to, and belonging in, this world and its many varied landscapes and environments. It is also about being very comfortable and at home with nature, taking some form of spiritual and/or mental nurturing from such contact”.

His text indicates his searching to reconnect. He recounts instances of social gaffs and moments of realization in how his life and exposure to the elements has been very different from many, and how this has affected his knowledge and his appreciation of others’ experiences. Ultimately this becomes a visual experience with photographs, that through their creation, engage the viewer in the rewilding experience.

The photographs depict the splendor of the landscape. They are lush, powerful, and inviting.”

The book is available at:-