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I am honoured to exhibiting for the first time in ART CAPITAL, at the Grand Palais,in the “Salon des Artistes Indépendents,” represented by my Italian curator, Paola Trevisan International.
RDV 12 to 17th February, Open to the public every day from 11h.00 to 20h.00
It will be an historical moment as the Grand Palais will be closed afterwards for renovation for several years.

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Art exhibition


16 ft. Mixed media assemblage to be shown in Elioenai art exhibition on January 17th,Friday at Connie A.Eastburn Gallery,Cairn University USA

Zebra Awards – 2nd Place – Fine Art Nudes


Amazilia Photography recently won second place in the 7th Annual International Zebra Awards for Black and White Photography. This is the second year running that he has taken 2nd place in the competition.
The image, entitled “Arms and Legs” was taken during a very creative and dynamic duo art nude shoot with the very talented and highly compatible partnership of models Ayla Rose and Charliee Rose.
Not only do this pair of models work so creatively together, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, but their similar builds adds to the feminine form and beauty that was also important in this shoot..
The images were shot at The Loft Studio in Ipswich, England.

Amazilia’s Fine Art Nude Images can be viewed (and some purchased) on his web site at



“En-En” works are constantly evolving. Publish the latest status.
【Recent status】
2020 International Sculpture Day Anniversary Event like no other in Japan.
April 25 | 10~
2020 International Sculpture Day Anniversary Event like no other in Japan.
We are promoting the “Natural Art Museum Plan for the Forest in the hope of revitalizing satoyama” to coincide with this anniversary. I am planning a natural art museum in the forest. There are now 5 small rooms and shower rooms to implement a small residence art program. In addition, a workshop will be held on the anniversary. (Production experience, meditation petit semi, rental space share, etc.) Handing over is making a large sculpture called Land Art, which has reached its seventh year. My production begins with the logging of raw wood. And as a production like a park, the surroundings are also maintained. All participants will be shared. We advocate cosmopolitanism that transcends ethnicity and nationality. We are looking forward to your support and participation if you need to pick up and transfer in everyday English. If you want to participate, please contact us by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Long-term plan after the International Sculpture Anniversary
[ Concerto art plan / participants] The purpose of this project is to create images of different works (mixed media) of En works on the mountain by overlapping images with each other. The whole mountain is planned to be a multi- and mixed-type comprehensive work. (Residence art program style)
Now in the seventh year, where are these things going?
Will it be old Don Quixote?

The participation fee is basically a share, but the room fee will be separate and meals etc. will be self-catered. We will disclose details after the meeting at the end of this month.



Latest artwork post.
Acrylics on canvas with palette knives. Many layers.

Honorable Mentions from Monochrome Photography Awards 2019.


Two of my earliest works made at Studio 210 were selected for Honorable Mention.

Torso #3

Torso #4

Signed prints of these images will be made available on website in the coming weeks.

RCH Photography


“”Sanctification “ 48 x 36 in. One of the mixed media artwork for the ELIOENAI exhibition to be shown on Friday,January 17th at Connie A.Eastburn Gallery , Cairn University PA USA.