Bea Last – Artist / Mentor

"My practice is process-led, exploring drawing in its broadest sense. Currently, I am exploring drawing in the landscape with recycled materials, recycled papers and digital media."

Doric I&II, 2016 - Emulsion, graphite on canvas 70 x 70 cm

"Born abroad, to foreign parents, living and working in various places, at present based in Scotland. Not one particular place feels like home so, therefore, refer to myself as a global citizen.

My practice is process-led, the creative process to me is very much a journey, reflected in life. The monochromatic aspect of my work was process-led. Colour had become redundant and a distraction. I wanted to focus on the marks I was making.

Working large-scale was process-led. The works I create tended very much to have a presence about them and called out for a larger scale. Mark-making is very much the foundation of much of my work. I use it as a language. The broader the palette of marks made the more I can express myself. The marks evolve and develop, vital in moving my practice forward.

The use of paper is at present important to me. Both fragile, strong and reusable. I love combining fragility with the monumental. The use of light can be very elemental changing this fragility into solidity. Both can be crushed. Recycled. A kind of alchemy.

Conversation, placement location and relationship remain a constant.

Part of my practice includes mentoring. At present, I am mentoring a recent graduate from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen for a nine-month period and have been asked again to facilitate a portfolio preparation course, on behalf of Glasgow School of Art, for young students who may be thinking of applying to art school. The focus being experimental drawing and creative process. Commissions for the corporate sector continue, with paintings included in both private and corporate collections. Dokkae Project, Jeddah, The Corinthia Hotel (British Art Project) London W1, Microsoft, Reuters. I am also, at present working on an exhibition in Vienna, 2019.”

Bea Last holds a BA in Illustration from the University of Westminster (1981-1984) and is currently based in Scotland.

Doric I&II, 2016 - Emulsion, graphite on canvas 70 x 70 cm
Descent of Man and The Black Scrolls, 2017 - Recycled newspaper from 2017, graphite & emulsion
Lost Voices - Niches Project, 2018 - Graphite, emulsion, recycled baby shoes, Size variable
Descent of Man, 2017 - Graphite, emulsion on recycled news papers from 2017 - 1,9 x 22 m Variable dimensions on location

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