Bea Last

“I am a professional contemporary artist. My creative practice is process-based and currently, I am exploring drawing in its broadest sense, creating sculptural drawings and art installations. The materials I use are either recycled or upcycled, from plastics to newspaper, found objects & fabrics.”

The Anatomy Lesson 2022 - Revisited, Recycled, Altered Plastics, Rusty Nails

"Based in Scotland, U.K., my creative practice is process-led. Currently, I am exploring drawing in its broadest sense, creating sculptural drawing installations using salvaged, recycled materials, and found objects such as plastics, paper, fabric, iron, and wood.

Installations depend on location, space, and environment and are created or reinvented according to that space. Both a reaction to or a statement of, my installations and sculptural drawings engage via dialogue and conversation on very current global and societal issues. Relationship, Conversation, Connection, Community, Placement, Humanity, and current global issues are my focused interest.

They are subtle and challenging, a contrast between fragility and strength. They have been referred to as both monumental and fragile at the same time.

My creative practice looks at what it is to be human, the fragility, the strength, and is demonstrated in the materials I use. However, salvaged or found though, the aesthetics, the craft that is art is vital to me, allowing me to continually move my practice forward.

My perceptions and relationship to both inner and outer landscapes, I believe, are attributed to this sense of not belonging to – and yet belonging everywhere. It contributes to an outward-looking and broader approach to our global community and to inspiration and connection.

Initially a painter, the creative process has led me to where I am presently merging drawing/painting into sculptural forms, and I am excited to see where this process will also lead me.

Creativity and all its attributes are important to me. Part of my creative practice is through mentoring and educating. I have facilitated the Widening Participation Open Studio tutor for Glasgow School of Art (2016-2020) and for VASS project, including creative drawing workshops and as a visiting creative practitioner for Better Lives - a UK-based autism support charity."

Untitled Site Specific Installation 2023 - Found (onsite) materials, Pottery and Petals , Size variable. NFS
The Red Bags 2023 - 600 hand crafted red bags, repurposed red waterproof canvas, bullet holes, size variable depending on location £10,000
The Red Bags 2022 - 300 hand crafted red bags, Repurposed waterproof canvas, Bullet Holes, Size variable depending on space, £8,000
he Black Scrolls 2019 - Salvaged Lining Paper, Emulsion, Graphite, PVA, Gold Trim. 5'' x 22m each scroll. £4,000

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