Belinda Balaski

“Forever seeking peace & spiritual tranquility in my Art, drawn from a myriad of life experiences that have etched people, landscapes, seascapes inspired from these memories, into my very soul allowing your eyes to rest on an image that will open & inspire your imagination to relate, yet freely fly.”

Goin' Fishin' - Watercolor 9 x 12 in. $1,500

Belinda Balaski, a native of Southern California, is an accomplished artist known for her vibrant watercolor and pastel paintings that depict a wide array of subjects, from people and landscapes to seascapes, flowers, and animals. Her deep affinity for horses, a passion stemming from her childhood spent on the racetrack alongside her father, the renowned jockey Lester Balaski, greatly influences her work. Belinda's artistic focus revolves around capturing the essence and unique beauty of living creatures and the natural world. Her driving motivation is to convey a profound sense of spiritual serenity and tranquility through her art.

Belinda's creative journey began at a young age, branching out into acting, photography, and art. While not gracing the stage, she was immersed in the world of photography and ceaselessly sketching. At the tender age of fourteen, she earned a four-year scholarship to the Minnesota Corresponding Art School, where her passion for representational art flourished, and she honed numerous artistic techniques that continue to serve her well today.

Belinda's undeniable talent in acting led her down a different path, earning her multiple awards and a remarkable 50-year career in Hollywood. She went on to establish BB's Kids Acting School, a place where she imparted her knowledge, captured the magic of young talent through filming, and nurtured countless children while also writing and producing original plays. These experiences not only enriched her artistic perspective but also heightened her ability to frame, identify beauty, and expertly edit an abundance of creative choices.

Recently, Belinda decided to retire from the film industry and shutter her school, opting to return to her initial passion for visual art. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery by enrolling in courses at Emeritus College, where she unearthed a newfound love for watercolor and pastels. Drawing from a diverse wellspring of talents and life experiences, Belinda possesses a natural gift for evoking emotion with an innate talent for composition.

Belinda currently resides and creates her art in Southern California, but she dedicates several months each year to Kauai, her spiritual sanctuary. It is on this serene island that many of her inspirational paintings find their genesis.

Sweet Grass Valley - Watercolor 10 x 14 in. $1,500
Amarillo - Watercolor 10 x 14 in. $2,000
Sunset Surfin' - Watercolor 9 x 12 in. $2,000
Hale Wa'apa - Watercolor 12 x 16 in. $1,500

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