Belinha Silva

"I create work according to my inspirations and feelings, linked to a socio-cultural, historical, sentimental context, rather than by a painter. In order to achieve my joyful, innovative unique contemporary art, I dogged into myself and found the little something that remains to be discovered in art."

Odyseey - Painted porcelain and acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm $7.500

Art is Belinha's essential food of soul. Belinha was born in Lisbon and left Portugal as a baby, to live in various European countries. That's why her artwork reflects her multicultural background. Currently, she is back to Portugal. 

In Brussels, in 2005, when she attended for the first time artistic courses, she had a revelation of her life by understanding her real artistic potential, the irresistible desire to develop it and the punch to express herself artistically.

Belinha always works according to the inspirations and feelings of the moment and create her optimistic own art style, which is a universe of its own, with a mixture of Allegorical subjects, Surrealistic, Optical Art, Pop 'Art, Abstract and Figurative Art, to obtain simply a Contemporary Art Style. 

For Belinha, Art imposes a technique that brings together various processes, such as discipline, practice and knowledge. Her experience has taught her that, in order to create, you need passion, innate skill, strong sensitivity and know-how, which is not only theoretical, but, above all, practical. 

As a creator, she likes to innovate, combining textures, and materials. So, she invented a mixed technique, "Painted Porcelain & Acrylic on Canvas," that combines two completely different materials, porcelain with canvas. This technique consists of painting the entire canvas in acrylic. Then, the painting's subjects are created with pieces of white porcelain, broken by hand, drawn, painted, fired and annealed several times from 740ºC to 1000ºC, to be juxtaposed together, in order to be, finally, glued on the already painted canvas.

This new fragmented presentation gives porcelain a new life, being avant-gardism and contemporary, assuring it a place in Contemporary Art Galleries. At the same time, Belinha becomes a precursor of his modernization, obtaining with this technique, unique, innovative and inimitable paintings. 

Belinha's principal goal is to touch the artistic sensitivity of the public.

The Event - Painted porcelain and acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm $6.800
Space Wandering - Painted porcelain and acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm $5.800
Nautical Utopia - Painted porcelain and acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm $5.400
Space Tango Dancing - Painted porcelain and acrylic on canvas 100 x 70 cm $5.800

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