Berni Stephanus

"I make one collage every day. I chose collage in 1967 in order to express myself about the outer and my inner world and stopped painting in 2000 after a period of collaged paintings. I also create in-camera double exposures."

Cocagne - Collage 29 x 41 cm

Born as "Mischling" in Nazi Germany, I knew by age fifteen that I would be a painter. In 1960, I left Germany forever and settled in Geneva. After art school, I did different jobs and finally became a teacher. Later, I studied German Literature and Art History and mainly taught Art, Photography and Art History. I was active in teaching to adults (art therapy.) At my retirement, I decided to create one collage per day. I have also done some artistic coaching.

Where have all my people gone? - Collage 37 x 42 cm
Ice - Collage 37.5 x 33 cm
The Scholar - Collage 40 x 30 cm
No title - Collage 30 x 40 cm

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