Billy Moro-Wey

"My eyes see more than the hand can record in a single day. But I integrate select pictorial elements to create unique visual stories, in which my environment, humanity, and technology are blended into a unit."

Global Warming Observer - Oil on canvas 32 x 52 in.

Born in 1950, in Nigeria Billy Moro-Wey's parents wanted him to become a Medical Doctor. Billy studied medicine up to his Freshman year when he deviated to become a self-taught artist for several years before completing his graduate studied in Fine Art in Poland. Billy also earned a two-year Post Grad experience in Architectural Ceramics at the same University of Fine Arts, Poznan, Polland.

Billy has been a High School Visual Arts Teacher with New York City Department of Education for the past 20 years. Over 50 of his students have won Local, National, and International Awards and Prices. Billy maintains both Painting and Ceramic Studios in New York. His works are celebrated in many homes and institutions around the world. He loves telling critical thinking visual stories.



Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland.

Post Graduate Experience in Architectural Ceramics from the same University.

Masters in Art Education, New York.

Little Bill - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in.
Love on Earth - Oil on canvas 24 x 30 in.
Mother of Life - Oil on canvas 32 x 50 in.
My Friend - Oil on canvas 24 x 30 in.

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2 thoughts on “Billy Moro-Wey

  1. Billy Moro-Wey is a very close friend (1983-1989) in Warsaw, Poland. The paintings I purchased from him then still adorn my sitting room till date. They are not only very unique but also very proud to have known the author and artist in person. (The prices will not be disclosed here because they are very valuable and virtually priceless). Billy is like a lost and found friend. My son only used his signature on the paintings to trace Billy on the social media and that was how I was able to restablish contact with him after almost 31 years. What a way to reunite! I am very proud to be an owner of the works of an intellectually talented personality- Billy. It took me some time to reintroduce myself before he could recollect when and where we met( I don’t blame him o jare) and we spent over one hour on the phone to go through the warm and beautiful old days. Billy, you are welcome.

    1. It was indeed an unexpected and exciting reunion brought about by the smart son of my dear friend Olushoga Onayiga. Olushoga happened to be the Honorable Accountant of the Nigerian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland when got to know each other and developed a very close friendship. That was a period when I had graduated from The University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. My good friend got interested in my visual gymnastics and purchased four of my oil on canvas paintings which are still adorning his living room in Lagos. What can be more pleasing than having your works represent you in the home of an intellectual and well meaning good friend, who currently runs his own moderate private school in Nigeria to create a better future for the oncoming generations. Bravo my friend! Please keep up the good job, while our friendship continues to gain momentum. My gratitude goes to your intelligent son for reuniting us at this material time of our lives. Let’s hope for the best and thank you for resuscitating our lost friendship.

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