Billy Moro-Wey

"The focus of my work is based on observation of the world mixed with a taste for fantasy. The world changes with time. It could be real, surreal, or abstract, depending on what’s happening at a given time. Therefore, our environment, humanity, and technology are united to shape a new reality."

Unavoidable Moment - Soft pastel on paper 30 x 23 cm $2100

Billy Moro-Wey’s artistic career overtook his early ambitions of working in medicine, progressing from being a self-taught artist through international travel and postgraduate studies experience. Moro-Wey has built an extensive portfolio with many dozen exhibitions, both solo and group, to his name, alongside numerous awards and accolades. Now retired from his role as an arts educator, Moro-Wey turns his attention to being a full-time artist.

Working in multiple disciplines, notably painting (oil on canvas), soft pastel on paper and ceramics, Moro-Wey demonstrates a versatile practice and confidence with an eclectic set of artistic modes. From large-scale murals or intimate portraiture, Moro-Wey’s long-time experience as an artist offers viewers a generous outlook on our world.

The Optimist - Soft pastel on paper 30 x 23 cm $1950
Clean Water - Soft pastel on paper 30 x 23 cm $1800
Within the family - Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm $1,700
Rugged Personality - Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm $1,700
Sincerity, Soft Pastel Paper, 30 x 23 cm $1950
Illusional Portrait - Soft pastel on paper 30 x 23 cm $1900
Reflection - Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm $1,800
Reality of life - Soft pastel 30 x23 cm $1,900
Not Alone - Soft pastel 30 x 23 cm $1,600

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