Blue Moon, I Saw Me Standing Alone (version 4)


I am very delighted and honored to be personally invited by the Colors of The Moon Team to create and submit some of my artwork for the Illustration category for The Hidden Colors of The Moon Illustration, Photography and Digital Art International Contest and Exhibition 2021.

Here is some information about The Hidden Colors of The Moon Illustration, Photography and Digital Art International Contest and Exhibition 2021:

The Hidden Colors Of The Moon
Rebirth with colors you don’t know yet


The Moon our satellite, our natural nocturnal light, the celestial body closest to us, with its magnetism influences our conscious and unconscious life.
The Moon has been a symbol and a mythological presence in many ways and for every culture.

With this contest we want you to display in your own personal way,
a new rebirth with the colors of yourself that you don’t know yet.
A new rebirth for everyone of us with more awareness of humanity, of every being living on our planet and of the planet itself.


Digital Art


Some information about my illustration artwork submission:

Title: Blue Moon, I Saw Me Stand Me Alone (version 5)
Medium: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 30 inches wide by 40 inches high

When I would take long walks alone at night especially as the moon rises and shines during any of the four seasons in Toronto, Canada, and in particular, during the beautiful colorful autumn season, many strong emotions take over my soul and comes to life in cinematic spiritual ways.

These strong emotions comes to life as integrated imagery from my imagination of what I see and feel at the same time in the form of sounds of a combination of sad music, autumn wind and images around me of the magical autumn season colors from the beautiful colorful leaves on the trees all around me that are sad and heart wrenching, and yet the moonlight casts light on anything the eye can see and this energizes and inspires me to see, understand and appreciate that beauty at night and within the darkness exists in everything in the world around me and gives me hope that everything will be okay. This whole experience is contemplative in spirit; teetering between sadness and hopefulness.

My illustration created for this great project tries to capture the light caused by the beautiful shining moon to help myself to see and appreciate and understand that beauty exists within the darkness always with feeling and meaning by integrating interwoven line work, symbolic shapes, and of course, autumn season colors, and as drawn objects and scenes from life and memory with transformation and imagination in mind and in action to tell my story visually in a memorable and compelling way.