Brian Reinker

"My work is fuelled by my interest in landscapes, urban environments and colour theory, often based on Op-Art and abstract themes. My collage technique uses linear elements, repetition, colour, texture and optical illusion to create images of real and imagined places. Best of all, I love what I do."

Earth Elements 2, 2020 - Collage 75 x 75 cm

Working in the language of landscape, topography and architecture, Brian Reinker’s colourful abstractions depict real and imagined places with the disciplined approach of an architect. His process has recently focused on collage using paper, foil and vinyl and other materials. These are cut and layered to create works that use colour, abstracted shapes and texture in a modern vocabulary. Based in Waterloo, London, Reinker gained his BA in Fine Arts and Architecture at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio USA and then studied at the Architectural Association in London. His work has been exhibited in a number of group and solo shows and he won the It’s Art Call competition in 2020. He has been selected by as one of 21 artists to collect in 2021. and his work is featured in a number of collections worldwide.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Joint Exhibition, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, April 2021

Solo Exhibition, Century Club, London, November 2021


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Boomer Gallery, London, 2020

Accepted to ArtCan Organisation, 2020

The Little Art Show, Joint Exhibition, London, 2020

The Auction Collective, London, 2020

Christie's THT Charity Auction, London, 2020

Talented Art Fair, London, 2020

It's Art Call Winner at Blacks Club Soho, 2020

SOLO Exhibition, 253 Hoxton Gallery, London, 2019

The Cult House, London, 2019

Trinity Gallery, London, 2019

Chelsea Art Society, London 2019

Lumiarts Gallery, London 2019

The Menier Gallery, London 2018

Brompton Gallery, London, 2018

The Menier Gallery, London, 2017

SOLO Exhibition, Mindscapes at 4 rue de Braque, Paris, 2017



BA Fine Arts Painting, University of Cincinnati

BA Architectural Design, University of Cincinnati

Life Drawing, Art Students League New York

MA studies, Architectural Association London

Commission 3 / 3, 2020 - Collage 80 x 96 cm
London Winter Sky 3, 2019 - Collage 47 x 77 cm
Horizon 10, 2019 - Collage 64 x 104 cm
Wall series 1 / 5, 2020 - Collage 86 x 66 cm

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