Britta Ortiz

"Man is his own worst enemy and the greatest threat to nature. Yet man is fragile and can be easily destroyed, for the forces of nature are enormous. The relationship between people and between people and nature are topics that concern me. I use nature and people to express my attitudes and relationships to the world we live in. When man claims that he is wiser than all animals, it is probably because man always sees things from the human perspective. Animals are highly specialized beings, and they are at least as clever in their own field as humans."

Silent protest - Linocut 30 x 42 cm

"I have several academic degrees but all my life I have needed to work artistically. I need to use both halves of the brain if I am to function optimally. I make art for my own sake, and that is also why I first started showing my art to the public for approximately ten years ago.

Over the last ten years, a lot has happened. I have exhibited many times in Denmark and the rest of Europe and have been included in several different international art books and art magazines, and I have participated in several juried exhibitions.”

The heron - Woodcut 42 x 30 cm
The rapeseed blooms in Gurede - Oil 60 x 90 cm
Nature's cleverness - Woodcut 60 x 42 cm
Human fragility - Oil 60 x 50 cm

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