Bruce Cowell

"My work should not be categorized into different fields of photography but viewed holistically. The aesthetic and intent of each is consistent. The subject does not define a photograph. It is, ultimately, a vehicle through which we can explore the nature of our reality."

Speakers Corner, London - Photograph 36 x 55 cm

Australian photographer, Bruce Cowell has been professionally producing images for 46 years. Beginning in his teenage years, he was initially influenced by the great pre and post-world war photographers such as Bresson, Strand, Weston, and Ansell Adams. His work consists mainly of real-life "found" images rather than manufactured ones.

Cowell has international standing as an artist, has been featured in  "Who's Who in Visual Art" published in Leipzig, Germany as well as  "International Kunst Heute" (International Art Today) and WeContempoprary Art Catalogue published by Musa International Art Space, Palermo Italy and has had work hung in the Blank Wall gallery in Athens, Greece. Cowell received the 2nd prize in the Artroom Gallery's "Consequences of Light" photographic competition in Rome, Italy as well as 2nd prize winner in the Hasselblad Masters of Photography Competition. He was commissioned as an artist to produce images for projection on to the giant sun sails that covered much of the site of World Expo 1988 in Brisbane, Australia. Bruce Cowell lives in Canberra, Australia.

At A Bus Stop - Photograph 40 x 50 cm
Identical Twins - Photograph 30 x 40 cm
Beth Plays the Clowns - Photograph 30 x 40 cm
Bath Time - Photograph 30 x 40 cm

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