Cankat Kalyoncu

“I am combining quantum consciousness, science, religion and political issues in my artworks while using western figurative art, middle eastern miniatures and modern era paintings in a provocative way to ask the ultimate question, where we are heading to.”

Red Pill, Blue Pill - Oil painting on canvas 73 x 69 cm $890

“I've been drawing since I was a teenager. However, I started painting and have turned my passion into an art career right after I decided to change my life and sold my  .Com company in 2012 as a life-changing moment in my own reality! My perfectionist character led me not only to become a self-taught artist but also pushed me to study at different sources such as online courses, academies abroad and learn directly from a leading figurative artist to improve my skills in painting, drawing and contemporary.

I attended diploma courses and workshops at Florence Academy of Art - New York, Art Students League of New York, Ilya Repin St Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and Mustafa Ozel Atelier in Turkey. I am still studying MFA in Plastic Arts at a prestigious university in Istanbul, Turkey.”

New Temple - Oil painting on canvas 130 x 97 cm $1844
Parallel Worlds No 1 - Rothko Dream - Oil painting on canvas 73 x 69 cm $890
East Vs West - Oil painting on canvas 116 x 89 cm $1490
Parallel Worlds No 2 - Bridge - Oil painting on canvas 73 x 69 cm $890

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