Capt. Stjepko Mamic

“I create art for the people, not for the robots. In my artworks you can see my positive energy and feelings applied to canvas and that is why people likes my paintings.”

Long Net 2 - Mixed media with paint for glass and ceramics on linen canvas 200 x 110 cm

The internationally renowned artist Capt. Stjepko Mamic has attracted the attention of the international circle of collectors and art critics, who are drawn by his colorful, marine mystical style and charismatic persona. Always seeking for the new knowledge, he has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academia du Port-Royal, Paris, France and at the Academy D'Arte, Florence, Italy. These are some of the reasons why Stjepko's art is so well accepted in the world and he has become a member of many international art associations, such as Fondacion Taylor, Paris, France; Société des Artistes Indépendants, Paris, France; Accademia Culturale Europea, Rome, Italy; and others. He has exhibited extensively solo and with groups of authors in Croatia and worldwide. The source of Stjepko's art lies in the sea. He draws strength and inspiration from the sea depths and width of open sea where he spent most of his life. Firmly connected with the sea and nature he manages to pour the “Sea” on canvas and create unique paintings. In recent works, Stjepko explores new materials and artistic ideas, often using paint for glass and ceramics in combinations with acrylics, pigments and golden or silver leaves to create his stunning artworks. Many art critics have written reviews about Stjepko's artworks which can be found in numerous art books, catalogs, magazines and online publications. His works are in holding of numerous galleries, museums and private collections worldwide and the artist has received international awards. From the beginning, like any other strong individual, who lives his own vision, Stjepko has made his own path through the world of art. He follows an  "ecological vision" of art in contemporary life and with his paintings he sends a message "Please take more care of our blue planet". Capt. Stjepko now beckons a wider public to take part in that vision. Join me, he says, because Art is Life.

Dokes (Fishing At Night) - Mixed media on linen canvas 100 x 100 cm
Tell Me What You See, Art Capital Edition- Acrylics on paper 100 x 80 cm
Sirena - Mixed media on linen canvas 100 x 80 cm
The Green Asgardian - Mixed media with golden leaves on linen canvas 80 x 80 cm

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