Carla Kleekamp

Change, Human Interruption - Etching, aquarelle 40 x 50 cm

Born 1937 in the Hague, Carla Kleekamp received training in the Graphic arts at Cultureel Centrum de Vaart. Her work consists mainly of etchings, collages, wet media works, and drawings. “The making of these is for me a possibility to express my deepest feelings. Most of the themes in my work are focused on the continuous suppression and exhaustion of nature by humans and industry.” Carla Kleekamp lives between France and the Netherlands. Visit her website to view more of her art and dive into the details of her accomplished fine arts career.

Integratienota - Color etching 45 x 55 cm
Legal And Illegal Man - Etching, aquarelle 25 x 65 cm
Camille Claudel - Etching, aquarelle 20 x 35 cm
Document Humain - Etching, aquarelle 35 x 50 cm

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