Carmen Rantzuch-Doll

"I want to make people happy with my pictures. I don't keep a fixed style, try a lot, experiment, give the me the freedom. Art is a game - but it is a very serious game (this my motto)."

september je - Mixed media on metal 10x90 cm

Carmen Rantzuch-Doll studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lahr, Germany (2006-2010). She has exhibited in various exhibitions in Germany and worldwide, LA Art Show, Los Angeles (2014), Gallery Milano, Italy (2014), Red Dot Miami (2014) ,  Asia Contemporary Art Show , Hongkong (2015), "Award Guglielmo II" Italy (2015) , Exhibition in China (2017), Spectrum Miami (2017) Art Expo New York ( 2018), Art Festival Portugal (2018) , Art San Diego (2018), Paris.

Carmen Rantzuch-Doll describes that she feels tension, but also harmony and inner freedom during the creative process of painting.

In reviewing her artistic concept, she explains the meaning behind her work: "My paintings are playful explorations of life. I am thinking about how people are living together, how they respect each other, their dignity and their individual needs. My aim is to feel the spirit of life, no matter if in the urban space or in the countryside – this approach of living together in peace connects us all.”

The final result are direct and spontaneous gestures on canvas, which give the paintings their inescapable explosiveness. It is her central motivation that contemporary art should be experienced in dialogue with the audience and community.

der Knall - Mixed media 100x100 cm
die Entstehung - Mixed media 80x80 cm
Mann und Frau - Mixed media 30x90 cm
Menschen 22 - Mixed media 40x40 cm

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