Carol Brown

"I observe and dream, resulting in me romanticizing people and places and dealing with them in my idealized state. This can be a bit awkward in life at times, but my journey of self-discovery has taught me to make my idealized world real. And share what I see."

Gray Days And Mondays Duo 2 - Mixed Media 59 x 122 cm

Born in Birmingham, England, Carol Brown relocated to New York City where working in Independent Film helped to develop her style as an artist.  Winning the best director award from the Thanet International Filmmaker Festival in 2010 for her film 'Jamaica Jamaica.'

A solo exhibition in New York City in 2014, won the “Lorenzo il Magnifico Award” at The XI Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy, 2017, ArtTour International's Top Artists To Watch, 2018, participating in "The Shibuya Station Exhibition" Tokyo, Japan March, 2019 and exhibitions in Italy and Paris.

Where's The Beach? - Mixed Media 97 x 66 cm
Gray Days And Mondays Duo - Mixed Media 66 x 97
Slippery When Wet Too - Mixed Media 82 x 91 cm
Gray Days And Mondays Duo 3 - Mixed Media 50 x 89 cm

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