Marina Koutsospyrou

"All my works are oils on canvas, depicting figures of integrated into space and bearing several messages within symbolic places. My art is quite expressionistic with tricks based on the correlation between light and shade, with chromatic qualities."

Prosperous World - Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm

Greek painter, Marina Koutsospyrou born in Agrinio and received First Place in the entry exams for the Athens School of Fine Arts where she earned her degree in Drawing with Honors.  Marina has received the First prize in Drawing at the artistic competition of the cultural department of the Municipality of Crete at the International Festival of Arts, 2007 and the International award Caravaggio, Great Master of Art Milan, Italy 2018. With more than 30 exhibitions to her resume, in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and other Eu countries, she has had two solo shows and her paintings are in many galleries and museums. Marina is also involved with theatrical performances as a costume and stage designer.

Untitled - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Untitled - Oil on canvas 60 x 80 cm
Internal Glow - Oil on canvas 50 x 50 cm
Keep Moving - Oil on canvas 70 x 100 cm

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Ronald Katz

"I am inspired by the great art of the past, as well as by my interest in nature and science, and much of classical and modern music."

Lost and Found #1 - Oil on linen 36 x 78 in.

"Emigrating from south Africa at age 10, I attended public schools in New York. At Queens College, I majored in mathematics and art. Subsequently, I furthered my art education at Pratt Graphics Center, SVA Parsons, and Hunter College. For years I exhibited at Gallery 84 with numerous solo and group shows, and later many juried exhibitions both nationally and internationally, winning several awards in printmaking.

Recently, I have undertaken a series of paintings, 'LOST AND FOUND,' as well as related works, dealing with lost, stolen and destroyed art, as well as endangered, threatened and extinct species.”

Lost and Found #2 - Oil on linen 44 x 56 in.
The Art Class - Oil on linen 64 x 72 in.
The Bike Path - Mixed media 28 x 35 in.
The Maned Wolf - Oil on linen 50 x 54 in.

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Rosemary Paprotny

"A portrait is not only a very personal unseen bond which was put on a sheet of paper between the model and the artist. It is also an artist statement to all viewers, who observe the portrait at the end. What the statement is, that is what each observer has to find out for himself."

Little Boy With Blue Eyes - Pastel 40 x 50 cm

"I started drawing about the age of three or four years old.

What shaped me up forever, was the first moment I saw the framed wedding picture from my grandparents hanging on the wall. This artificially colored photograph fascinated me so much, that I instinctively knew that I wanted to draw faces. My parents always stood behind me and encouraged and helped me a lot. In the year 1975, I participated in a drawing competition in Derdermont, Belgium and was very surprised and also very happy to have won the third prize - a bronze Medallion. Ever since I only have one desire and that is drawing faces.

My enormous interest, curiosity and fascination for the face mimic, the body poseur and the whole psychology of a person always inspires and fascinates me to explore the person opposite me.  Each portrait is the copy of a Person and it is always a great new challenge trying to hold all these details on a sheet of paper, forever. A significant fact is, while the model gets older, the portrait always remains young    forever! I have a great range of artists who I like and each one of them, give me many different kinds of inspiration: Gottfried Helnwein, Colin Davidson, Gerhard Richter, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dürer, J. Ingres, Tizian and Nikolas Hilliard.

From 1986 until 1992, I was an art student at a Portraitist in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Her name was Marina von Michel. Before she died in the year 2012, we also became very close friends and I have a lot to thank her for. Since 2017, I am a Member of the Kuenstlerkreis Johannisberg and also of the Rheingauer Kunstverein both in Germany.

Since 2018 you can visit me on Pinterest as well. ("

Shawntel - Pastel 41 x 53 cm
"Selfie” - Pastel 90 x 120 cm
Bianca - Pastel 43 x 50 cm
Alexander - Pastel 42 x 60 cm

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Roswitha Klotz

Painter and musician, Roswitha Klotz lives in Regensburg. She grew up in Bad Kissingen and finished her musical studies at the Academy of Music and Theater in Munich where she also was a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts. Besides art music she mainly is engaged in painting.

The Sounds Of Green - Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

Painting and music are constant companions in Roswitha Klotz's life. The sounds and colors of music are reflected in her paintings and are determining her entire artistic practice.  After a time of painting figuratively, she realized that she would be able to show what she wants to reveal at best in an abstract version. The magnificent colors of nature and the sensitive colors of music are combined in her painterly work as main subjects. The inner world, emotions, and feelings of the viewer, I want to touch with my paintings.

Untitled 161213 - Oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm
Golden Day - Oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm
motion - Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm
Untitled 170618 - Oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm

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Sara Hupas

"My works result from the need to organize and give meaning to what people have abandoned and treated as waste. I draw inspiration from phenomena, situation and the specific characteristics of matter. I create abstract works containing an emotional element referring to the psyche and human experience."

UNDERSTANDING, steel rod, sponge recycled, upholstery springs, cord jute, 130x550x150 cm

"My adventure with art began with going to the Public Art School in Opole - that's where I developed my observation skills and aroused my curiosity about the world around me. After defending my diploma thesis with the accomplishment of Scenographic technology, I continued my education in the field of Artistic Education in Visual Arts. Getting to know more disciplines of art, as well as deepening the ones I already knew, I had the opportunity to specify my creative needs. And that's how my sculpture began to build my creative way. Bachelor's thesis became the starting point for later activities at the Sculpture Department of the Krakow Academy of Art, where I opened the door to constant doubts and the desire to create sculptural activities from a small form to monumental realizations. My work is the result of my experiences, emotional states, and structural fascinations.

Through my work, I want to know myself and the reality in which I live. I process the collected materials so as to emphasize their properties as well as to refer to their history or previous function/application. In doing this, I am constantly accompanied by a need for ordering and giving meaning to what man has abandoned and treated as waste. When I immerse myself in the material, I try to extract content that has been hidden somewhere deep. The anthropological element is also essential. In matter, I am interested in its properties, as well as the trace of human presence left on it, which on the one hand is the creator of life, and on the other hand, produces products that are part of their own destruction. I use materials such as recycled sponge, recycled paper, honeycomb cardboard, agrotextile, jute rope, styrofoam, Bee wax and what will fall into my hands. In addition, an important place in my creative work is foundry in such materials as bronze, aluminum, and cast iron. It is thanks to this process that I am able to preserve or even protect the acquired materials from complete destruction.”

HARVESTING - Recycled paper, 0.6mm wide strips, maximum up to 4m. board OSB: 1,5x30x30 cm
ASPECT - Sponge recycled, hot glue, width 97 cm, variable dimensions
FREESTANDING - Sponge recycled, upholstery springs, 4 mirrors (50x50cm) (2x) 50x427x50 cm
CONSONANCE - Sponge recycled, hot glue, cord jute, variable dimensions

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Tracey Chaykin

"My Colored Pencil art is of a hyper-realistic style inspired by Nature. Participation in groups like ABUN-Artists and Biologists for Nature and Birdwhisperer Project provide a platform where my art can educate and promote conservation!"

American Lady - Colored Pencil on paper 5 x 5 in.

"Hi, I’m Tracey Chaykin, an award-winning Colored Pencil artist from Napa, California.  Born and raised in the boroughs of New York City, I found I possessed a knack for creativeness from an early age. Nature, both flora and fauna, were the subject matter of choice for my artistic exploits.  But as for many folks, school, marriage and a career in Accounting took me in a different direction up until recently. 

The re-awakening of my love of drawing, along with new-found techniques within the colored pencil medium have allowed me as a self-taught artist to experiment with a variety of subject matter.  To date, I’ve drawn florals, portraits, but the niche that stands out most is Wildlife.  Nature has intrigued me and continues to be my inspiration.  Since beginning my journey as a Colored Pencil artist, I have pursued many affiliations which have led me to groups specifically focused on art for the purpose of Education and Conservation efforts.  Some of these groups are the Birdwhisperer Project and ABUN-Artists and Biologists for Nature. The plethora of subject matter is mind blowing and I love the challenge!  The ability to combine my love for Nature with my love of drawing is a dream come true.  If someone would have told me years ago that I would find myself in this fantastic position, I would not have believed them. I look forward to expanding my affiliations with Wildlife conservation.

My life and artistic goals are intertwined.  Never stop learning! Expand my knowledge base so that I can continue to preserve and share the awe of Nature’s beauty for all to appreciate while ever expanding on the possibilities of what can be achieved with colored pencil!

On the Prowl - Colored Pencil on paper 8 x 10 in.
Blu - Colored Pencil on paper 8 x 10 in.
Pride of Kenya - Colored Pencil over Gouache on paper 8 x 10 in.
Small But Mighty - Colored Pencil on paper 12 x 16 in.

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Veronica Leiton

"My proposal is an attempt to capture the Invisible Worlds that are connecting, expanding, evolving & communicating with each other: from the cellular world (Micros) to the Earth and other worlds (Macros).For me, Unit and Variety are the Cornerstones of Universal Harmony and Artistic Expression."

Forest´s Alquemy, 2018 - Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm 5,300€

"I believe in the Music of the Universe; its melody and silence; in opposing systems like cold and heat, light and shadow, straight line and curve. I believe in the complementary colors' interplay inside of different worlds and its different pallets. It is an endless counterpoint that contains unit & variety which coexists with heterogeneous elements.

My artistic research needs daily work with discipline to achieve a careful craftsmanship in painting. That is why I experiment, investigate a topic and fit a form or color on the canvas until I feel it deep, like the beat of my heart."

Veronica Leiton, born in Santiago, Chile in 1964, has lived in Juarez City, Mexico for 25 years. She has 75 solo exhibits and 80 collective show participations in Mexico, Chile, United States, Cuba, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. She created a four-meter sculpture in bronze called “Flor de Arena” (Sand Flower) and has published 4 catalogs/books about her artwork. Veronica  appeared in one of the most important Auction Houses in Latin America, Louise C. Morton in Mexico City and won more than a dozen of national and international awards. Below, her most important exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibition in Arte XXI Gallery. Mexico City. ('09 until now)

Part of the 10 finalists in the conquest Platform Artist of the Year by Red Wood Media Group and Art Brand Studio, she won the possibility to exhibit at Art Expo San Diego (Nov '16), Spectrum Miami (Nov '16); Art Expo NYC in April & Art Santa Fe in July '17.

Inner – Outer Worlds, Solo Exhibition at Arte XXI Gallery, 30 years of Professional Career in Mexico City. '14

Latin American Art, Carrousel Gallery at the Louvre Museum. Paris, France. '13

Latin Bohemian Night. Kind Foundation – Family Umwelt at Vienna, Austria. '10

Chromatic Metaphors. Echo Museé Gallery, Paris, Francia. '10

Fine Arts of Veronica Leiton. River-House Arts Gallery. Perrysburg, Ohio. '10

Biennale Rendez-vous des Arts. Athens, Greece. '08

Primordial Field, 2014 120 x 80 cm 5,080€
Bird´s Doorstep, 2017 100 x 80 cm 5,110€
Delirium Sea, 2017 120 x 80 cm 5,080€
Fire´s Wisper, 2019 80 x 60 cm 2,540€

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Zephyra Vun

"How do we challenge our understanding of architecture + design as it relates to the self, process, and scale? Rooted in translating design ideas through more relatable conditions, my work imaginatively expresses architecture as a concept through the subjective context of visual art."

Union Bank Building - Acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas 37 x 37 in.

Zephyra Vun is the Founder of anARCHI design, a multi-disciplinary, solo art studio in Winnipeg, Canada participating in architecturally inspired art projects, live art performances, and curator of public art events and exhibitions. She is also the Executive Director of Design Quarter Winnipeg, an innovative initiative aimed at promoting authentic, local retail and design culture in Winnipeg, by curating a destination experience of our walkable downtown districts.

Vun received her Environmental Design Degree (2009) and Masters of Architecture Degree (2011) from the University of Manitoba. She is an ambassador for accessible art and design and strives to advocate inclusive public engagement with these creative disciplines. She maintains a strong presence in the fine arts field, exhibiting her work internationally as a member of International Contemporary Artist Curator as well as with representation by New York Art Productions.

Vun’s portfolio of artwork is always architecturally inspired. Her work emphasizes the importance of hand-crafted authenticity in today’s digital age and humanizing the creative process to preserve originality. Her work often discloses the creation process as a prominent feature. The notion of scale, and how our bodies participate in art and in architecture, is also very present in her work. As such, “the self” becomes a consistent point of origin across Vun’s portfolio.

As an architecture graduate, Vun possesses a solid understanding of the importance of hand-crafting and drawing. Vun believes the digital-dependency and declining relevancy of handcrafting in the contemporary arts and design industries not only negatively affects how art is perceived, putting little emphasis on the importance of genuine, humanized creation, but also conveys the process of design as more of a service than an art form. As such, Vun strives to intensively connect and immerse herself personally within every piece she creates.

Decimal - Acrylic paint, ink and charcoal on canvas 14 x 14 in.
Downtown - Acrylic paint on canvas 36 x 48 in.
Here Is The House - Pencil on paper 24 x 36 in.
346/348 Arbuthnot Street - Pencil on paper 20 x 40 in.

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Brigitte Kratochwill

"When I paint I embark on a journey into my subconscious. I integrate sensory experiences into the painting process. What emerges is a confrontation with something like a reflection of my soul. I search for suitable forms, structures, colours, hues/shades, and sensitive surfaces."

Verstecktes Juwel (Hidden Jewel) - Mixed media on paper 21 x 29 cm

Austrian Artist, Brigitte Kratochwill was a Music, Art, and German Language teacher in Salzburg until 1999. She led art projects for various institutions and became Headmistress of the Secondary Modern School Bürmoos, Salzburg (1999-2013). Kratochwill actively exhibits since 1988 in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Luxembourg and South Africa including at the Galerie Artroom 21, Galerie Merikon, Galerie Artlet, BOS – Berlin Open Studio, Galerie M Beck, Art.Fair Köln, Luxembourg Art Week, ART Innsbruck, Luxembourg Art Fair,  Galerie der Zülow Gruppe, Galerie ARTtime, ART MARKET Budapest, Galleria Spazio Libero 8,  Galleria Merlino, Galleria Mentano, and Klebelsberg Cultural Center.

Einklang (Harmony) - Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm
Sand Strand Meer (Beach And Sea) - Acrylic and ink on canvas 30 x 30 cm
Ruhe (Quietude)- Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm
Verträumt (Dreamy) - Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 cm

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Walter Gordinier

Pivot Plaza - Concrete, granite, laminated structural glass corten steel landscape design, stone, 385 ft. long + 300 ft. deep

American sculptor, Walter Gordinier was born in 1950 in El Paso, Texas and today lives in Portland. Gordinier is a Blue Chip American artist specializing in large-scale sculpture for private and public venues. He conceives, fabricates and installs proprietary, site-specific works of art for both interior and exterior placement. Walter has a highly motivated vision concerning the environment surrounding the sculpture. He designs urban plazas, healing gardens and develops the landscape theme. Walters sculptures will compliment and expand an authentic sense of presence, linking space and place to the community at large. Walters approach to pairing his sculpture with landscape architecture is expanding, inspiring and welcoming; extending a kind of open arms for viewers; to stay!

Since 1973 Walter has completed an impressive score of projects through out the United States and internationally, all from his studio in Portland Oregon. The diversity and experienced evidence of his built concepts are truly rewarding, leaving the viewers with a heart felt sense of satisfaction. His clientele are: Private Residences, Public Courtyards, Corporate Buildings, Universities, Liturgical, and Healthcare.

Collaborative thinking goes to the very root of a great concept build and resulting installation. For this Walter is quite comfortable working with his client, architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, stakeholders, and community officials. Walter builds with stainless steel, corten-steel, granite, cast glass, stone, aluminum and laminated structurally dynamic glass.

Walter believes his site-specific sculptures should be contemporary, pure in form, distilled to their most essential gesture. Clean, modern well defined line, defining beautifully sited iconic sculpture.

Ceramic salt fumed boxes - various sizes
Border Crossing - Cast glass, steel, 9 ft. tall + 20 in. wide +2in.
Shift Response - Granite laminated structural glass, 25 ft. tall+4 ft. wide +10 in
Laminated structural glass, Texas - Limestone, landscape design, 35 ft. long + 12 ft. tall+ 10in.

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