Hiroshi Wada

"I’m fighting in the belief that unless breaking the tradition or common sense of Japanese classic calligraphy, truly new things can’t be made. This may sound odd now, but I believe the time will come, could be few decades or even 100 years later after I die, people will understand my thought."

ELEVEN 01 - Japanese calligraphy on paper 120 x 90 cm

Hiroshi Wada is a contemporary Calligraphy artist from Japan, living and working in Kyoto. Wada began practicing Shodo (literally translating as the way of Calligraphy) as early as the age of 5. Wada was selected several times to exhibit at the Nitten Exhibition which is the biggest and greatest art show in Japan. He currently has solo and group shows planned in the USA and Europe.

Wada's goal is to make classical Japanese Calligraphy acknowledged as an international art that can be accepted into the realm of contemporary practices and blended into any scene, with an out-of-the-box style, not only the stereotypical traditional style.

FAITH 01 - Japanese calligraphy on paper 90 x 120 cm
FREEDOM 02 - Japanese calligraphy on paper 54 x 96 cm
TIME 01 - Japanese calligraphy on paper 90 x 120 cm
LOVE 05 - Japanese calligraphy on paper 53 x 96 cm

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