Anne Felicie Nickels

“I’m so thankful that life has given me the opportunity to express myself through art.”

Öresund - Fused glass 44 x 22 cm

Self-taught, Swedish Artist, Anne Felicie Nickels was born in 1964 in Malmö and today she lives and works in Hunneberga, county of Skåne. Her artistic career began in 2016 and she has since participated in over 20 group shows including 10 selected by a jury or balloting committee. Her work has been exhibited both in Sweden and other European countries.

Nickels' work belongs to private collectors in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. Her art has also been purchased by several art associations in Sweden. She has permanent or temporary contracts with art galleries within Europe and is previously published in a number of books and magazines around the world.

Her primary technique is warm glass sculpturing and she also produces interdisciplinary work with digital media; projecting giclée fine art prints on the wall.

Exploring and learning have always been a major inspiration for Anne. A fascination with science of all kinds informs her work, which employs the following main themes: cultural heritage and the depiction of life on our planet. Central motifs are faces and eyes to invite the viewer to meet the soul behind the subject.

Gäddius blomsteri - Fused glass 59 x 23 cm
Sjötungis Plattisplate - Giclée print 42 x 29 cm
Human Enlightenment 'Pandemic' - Fused glass 25 x 17 cm
Spätticus - Giclée print 50 x 70 cm

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Witold Śliwiński

"I seek inspiration in the things that get my attention and admiration. New ideas come to my mind during my trips. The Concept consists of the Inspiration and the Idea. The sculptures need to be well thought through and they need to be clean and neat as calligraphy. Every piece is carefully planned."

Molecule - Glass 435 x 170 x 395 mm

Polish sculptor Witold Śliwiński, began his career as an artist with drawing and graphics as well as designing company logos, arrangements and visual displays. Śliwiński continued with the design and the production of artistic and applied works in leather. Since 1996 he has been working with glass, creating works which bear the characteristics of both applied and unique forms.

"Glass is a strange substance. It is a very demanding material which requires the artist’s complete focus, coupled with an extensive knowledge and high level of expertise," he describes.

Śliwiński is a member of the Polish Union of Painters and Sculptors (Polish Applied Art) in Warsaw.

The results of his  Śliwiński's practice are the culmination of his wealth of experience, creative maturity, and the passion for experimentation, combined with courage and risk-taking, to bring about new and innovative creations. That is because glass, irrespective of the way it is manufactured and processed, will always remain the "sui generis," or a "magic material."'


Selected Individual Exhibits

2020 - Rzeszow, Artistic Exhibitions Agency - “Art Glass”

2019 - Königswinter, Germany, Continuum Gallery – “GLASS & MECHANICS”

2018 - Lodz, Galery Re:Medium – “LUMINATIONS”

2018 - USA, ILLINOIS - Lakeside Arts Park At The Dole – “GLASS SCULPTURE FROM POLAND”

2017 - Cracow, Lipowa 3 Gallery, Glass and Ceramics Centre – “COMPILATIONS”

2017 - Addison (Chicago), Addison Center for the Arts – “COMPILATIONS II”

2015 - Versus Gallery exhibition, Wrocław ‒ at the European Festival of Glass – “SEX MACHINE”


Selected Collective Exhibits

2019 - England, South West Academy - Exeter Castle

2019 - Netherlands, Baarn – FINE Art & Antiques Fair in the castle Kasteel Groeneveld

2018 - Italy, Roma - 28 Piazza di Pietra - Fine Art Gallery - Final exhibition of "Malamegi Lab 10" competition.

2018 - Holandia, Epe - Galerie de Aventurijn – „WINTER at the 15th. Anniversary”

2018 - United States – OHIO, Columbus, “Downtown Art Sunday” – Hawk Galleries

Surprise Egg - Glass and aluminum 140 x 80 x 200 mm
EF - Glass 300 x 40 x 155 mm
Time machine - Glass, brass, steel and aluminum 380 x 60 x 280 mm
Pregnant - Glass 180 x 40 x 300 mm

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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