Sacred Space Studios LLC

Born in: Toledo, Ohio 1984
Lives in: Avon Lake, Ohio
Media: Painting
Describe your art in three words: emotive mystical narrative
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Christ Consciousness

"My art is inspired by the ongoing transformational process of the life's journey, aided by the divine, my artwork touches on the human condition and empowers the viewer in his or her own state of discovery. "

Increspature della Memoria (Ripples of Memory)
In the Music
What themes does your work involve?
My artwork touches on the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in guiding us to the highest version of ourselves. It also touches on the mysteries of spirituality and the comfort of the unwavering promises of God. At other times, my artwork touches on the vulnerability of the human experience, which brings us closer to our creator for comfort.
Describe your creative process.
When I approach my artwork, I think about it as a narrative either individually, or as a part of a series. I intentionally choose imagery from stock photos to merge into a scene or I receive a vision in meditation that guides my composition. I often work on top of canvases that I have painted in the past as abstract pieces in acrylic, and then layer with charcoal, acrylic and oil paint, or I begin with a drawing or toned "drawing" with thinned paint before adding oil paint.
What influences your work? What inspires you? Why do you make art?
I am influenced by the nudge of the Creator to share my experiences to lift others. I make art to heal myself, and to empower and heal others. My life mission is to provide healing and inspiration to people who have lost hope and forgotten who they are or who they could potentially become. I am inspired by the courage of other artists across disciplines that share their stories unapologetically and without filter to reach others going through a similar experience.
What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?
Good art has technical proficiency (the ability to reach the viewer through an appealing aesthetic quality) as well as a message or theme, in my opinion.
What is the role of the artist today?
Artists are messengers. Like angels, we are tasked with extending God's healing power through a universal language. We celebrate the unbreakable nature of the human spirit.


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