Mary, the challenge in the ceramics


In the creative process of these artworks, they are questioned within the parameters of the contemporary logic: just as fugacity, experimentation, the multidisciplinary discoursive practice and the conceptual weight on which the artwork sustains itself.
Its highest motivation is the resulting break from the burning of the clay when it turns the ceramics inflexible and moving it in a playful way, thinking.
Creation and audacity,crossings, contacts, frictions along the process and the willingness of cancelling the first function of the shapes.Creating other shapes, another time for them.
Each process moment is related to the involvement with the nature, used as an integration with the shapes, creating a play of transparency and lightness. How to integrate weight and lightness.
It is a construction between the ceramics and other materials/media which mixes image references and the fictional weavering of the memory. Is it a creative and interpretative process?
The animated artworks pass through other crossings.
They must be exhibited in looping and in a louder sound, because the sound definitely confirms their movements.The moment of silence of each animated artwork, is important to be observed, It is a reminder of Koellreuter’s lecture about “the silence of music”.
The developing process of these animations has the purpose of, in all times, to reframe, and transcript their shapes.They provide the look of a new perception at each instant of the artwork.
The necessity of respecting the essence of the artwork runs through its animating singularity of constructing, desconstructing, reconstructing its shape. This allows a new relationship with the spectator, who has always the exercise of looking, questioned.
Rafael Trindade (assistant in this animation process) understands that the initial idea of this Project is to appropriate these elements of the artwork for desorganizing its idea of rigid and immutable.

Collector’s Vision International Art Award


Collector’s Vision International Art Award

COLLECTOR’S VISION International Art Award celebrates current artists who share their talent and heritage with the world!

Contemporary Art Curator 2021 May 07th.

Invitated to create poster art about ACOSO / BULLYING for the RINC International Network of Visual Creators in Mexico.


I am pleased and very honored to receive a personal invitation to create illustration artwork to submit for an invitational poster project about the topic of ACOSO / BULLYING for RINC Red Internacional de Creadores Visuales A.C. in México / RINC International Network of Visual Creators in México.

This illustration artwork created will be featured and on exhibition on the Virtual Gallery of RINC Red Internacional de Creadores Visuales A.C. in México / RINC International Network of Visual Creators in Puebla City in México.

Some information about this invitational poster art project & virtual gallery art exhibition:


Personal invitation

Work creation, presentation specs and ideas given:

Harassment, in any of its forms, is understood to be any conduct by action or omission maintained over time, whether verbal or physical, that has been the purpose or produces the effect of undermining the dignity of a person, in particular when helpless, intimidating, degrading or offensive environment is created.

Characteristics that can be deduced from this definition are:

A. There is physical and/or psychological damage that can have different manifestations.
B. Occurs repeatedly over time.
C. The situation of inequality between the harassed person and the harasser means that the latter does not or cannot defend itself and is isolated.
D. The passive attitude of those who observe the harassment for fear of being the object of it.


This invitational poster art project only allows one project created and submitted per author invited.

Submission deadline: May 9, 2021.

Publication and virtual gallery exhibition of works: May 11, 2021.

Title: Lifelessly Living
Media: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 24 inches wide by 33 inches high

Illustration by Anson Liaw

Unique collaboration


Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation and Rajul Shah Art Announce Collaboration

Southampton, PA | Scotch Plains, NJ |Singapore
April 2021

The Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation and Rajul Shah Art are announcing a formal collaboration to promote Commercial Excellence and Modern Art when developing and launching innovative health care products to improve the overall quality of our global public health. This collaboration will enhance our efforts to apply the best industry practices to bring more innovative solutions to health care. Rajul Shah’s art was the inspiration behind the first Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation’s Advisory Forum, conducted in collaboration with top global commercial experts on April 21st, 2021. It was focused on applying the best practices when launching innovative products, and delivering the message of resilience which is greatly needed now, when we are trying to recover from the major public health crisis.

This collaboration will bring a creative dimension to Pharmaceutical Heritage Programs while also leveraging the artistic interpretation of the healing process across various disease areas based on the greatest unmet needs.  It will also be a manifestation of combining our cross-discipline strengths to aid public health challenges and pave the way toward improving future global health outcomes.  

About Rajul Shah

Rajul Shah is an award-winning international visual artist whose work conceptualizes the strong connection between emotional health and physical well-being. Inspired by her travels, life abroad, and 20 years in the healthcare industry, Rajul’s art conceptualizes healing and resilience through positive energy.  The Japanese Art of Kintsugi and the Japanese concept of Ma are major influences in her work where the concepts of resilience and the positive flow of energy through space allow for a reflective and emotional interpretation of the subject matter.  The art of Kintsugi is a physical manifestation of such resilience. Traditionally applied to pottery in Japan, Rajul’s artwork is a 2D representation of this concept, initially symbolizing the recovery of the Earth after climate change, and now applied to global public health.

About Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation
The Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation promotes pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices professionals dedicated to discoveries, development, and commercial excellence of medical products improving public health globally. Through education, advocacy, and guidance, the goal is to support the introduction of the latest research developments to address major health-related, unmet needs, applying our industry’s best practices developed and perfected over the decades by the top global experts. In complete compliance with universally accepted biomedical ethics, the Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation’s mission is to empower public with the best treatment options, helping them to live longer and better lives. 

For additional information, please contact:
Anastasia S. Malicka,
Rajul Shah,

2021 GREEN SEASON International Poster Online Exhibition by Posteriran, 1 of 76 posters selected for exhibition


2021 GREEN SEASON International Poster Online Exhibition by Posteriran

I am very pleased, honored and delighted to be know that my poster illustration created for the 2021 GREEN SEASON International Poster Online Exhibition is 1 of 76 poster works selected for exhibition!

A total of 480 poster works were created & submitted.

From the 480 poster works, 76 posters were selected for exhibition which also made it into the final judging stage for the top 10 best of show.

Congratulations to all participating designer-artists for creating such beautiful works for this wonderful poster exhibition and congratulations to all of the top 10 winners!

Link to review the GREEN SEASON International Online Exhibition by Posteriran:

Thank you very much again to Mina Kavian and Ramin Rafeei of Posteriran for organizing the wonderful 2021 GREEN SEASON International Poster Online Exhibition and for inviting me to participate as an illustrator to have the great honor to create illustration artwork for it and help them as a Jury member for selecting the top 10 posters.

A physical onsite art exhibition at an art gallery or a venue to be announced at a later date which will feature all 76 selected posters in print will happen some time in 2021 as COVID-19 pandemic conditions change to become safe for people to gather and attend art exhibition openings and events in Iran.

Title: Nowruz 1400, 2021 Iranian New Year (version 3)
Media: Pencil, ink and digital
Size: 18.5 inches wide by 24 inches high

Illustration by Anson Liaw

American Illustration 40 Chosen Winner news


American Illustration 40 Chosen Winner news

Positive news is very rare during these dark uncertain and difficult COVID-19 pandemic times. So, I consider myself to be fortunate to have a little bit of good news happen for me personally and to share today.

And even when positive news does manage to happen, so much pain, sadness and loss is happening all over the world that it is hard for me to feel good about them.

I am very honoured, pleased and consider myself to be fortunate and blessed to be informed today by Mark Heflin, Director American Illustration-American Photography that my illustration entitled, Unfortunate COVID-19 Fabrications of Truth that was submitted for American Illustration 40 has been CHOSEN as a winning illustration to appear online as part of The ARCHIVE collection at

American Illustration 40 had a field of over 7,000 images were submitted and only 559 images by professional illustrators, and only 78 images by student illustrators received at least 2 votes from the jury and therefore, won the eligibilty to have their illustration artwork appear permanently online in the ARCHIVE – AI-AP exclusive online juried collection, where over time illustrators can build an online portfolio of their winning American Illustration images and crratives can search and make direct contact with them.

My illustration image, along with my contact info, caption, credit information and link to my website and social media, will represent the best images from 2020.

Thank you very much to this year’s distinguished jury which included: Gail Anderson, Chair BFA Design and BFA Advertising SVA, Jury Chair, Antonio Alcala, Art Director, Studio A, Bashan Aquart, Executive Creative Director, AKA/NYC, Lynne Carty, Art Director, Wall Street Journal. Deborah Cheyenne Cruchon, Art Director, BUCK, Bobby C. Martin, co-Founder, Champions Design, Neeta Patel, Designer, The New Yorker, Chris Rukan, Art Director, The Washington Post, Jackie Seow, VP, Executive Director of Art, Trade Division, Simon & Schuster, Faith Stafford, Art Director, Entertainment Weekly, and Mark Heflin, Director American Illustration – American Photography.

Description for this illustration:

Title: Unfortunate COVID-19 Fabrications of Truth

Illustration by Anson Liaw

3 illustration artwork images will be on exhibition for the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition in at the Shibuya District in Tokyo, Japan


I am pleased to announce that I will be participating as an artist for the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition which will take place from May 27th to 30th, 2021 at Shibuya.

Tokyo’s Shibuya district is widely considered to be the beating heart of the capital.

I will have 3 artwork images selected to be on exhibition for their large TV Onscreen Showcase for this art exhibition.

The 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition is curated by Contemporary Art Station based in London, Tokyo and Barcelona.

Here are a couple of links to review some information about Contemporary Art Station and the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition at Shibuya:…/3/13/anson-liaw

2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition

Timing :

Thursday 27th May 2021 | Opening Evening (Champagne Reception)

Friday 28th, Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th May 2021 | Exhibition (11am – 8pm)

Location: Shibuya 2-7-4 Shibuya-ku ,Tokyo. Japan 150-0002