“Silent scream”-COVID-19

Silent Scream Acrylic on canvas pallet knife by Magdalena Wozniak Melissourgaki from Greece

A silent scream is one of the paintings from my new collection dedicated to Covid-19. Why this topic? There is a big difference between art and technic. Not every picture is art. For me, art is an international language, code, through which we can communicate through forms, shapes, colors, etc. They are emotions, experiences, thoughts of the artist at the same time, but also of those around him. The artist cannot be blind, and he must write down as a chronicler. During this period, we all experienced different emotions and feelings. Fear, abandonment, lament, loss, helplessness, etc. but also hope ….. And these feelings are the subject of my paintings, many of us in our lives are in the “Silent scream” situation. Feelings tear us apart, but we are not able to get them out and only a whisper replaces our wrathful, our inability to get out of the situation. A pandemic can be compared with the Odyssey. Odyssey – life, you can compare. Life is a great odyssey, constant mistake, travel, searching for a way out and solving many situations in face every day. We are constantly circling and walking in search of the direction of light, light which is hope, a solution to problems. The life of each of us is an ongoing Odyssey !!! ART IS PHILOSOPHY !!! WELCOME TO MY EXHIBITION COMING SOON

“Cirugía unicelular”


El artista español Ramón Rivas, ha sido galardonado con el “Premio Internacional FRIDA KAHLO” organizado en Milán. La obra presentada se titula “Cirugía unicelular”.

Enjoy nature


Hi! I am Steven wills. I am an artist and photographer. I photographed nature with my phone or camera. I then create nature art from the digital photos. My last exhibition ran from December 28,2019 to march 20,2020
In the city gallery. See my art here

Valtournenche…. in Vintage


Walking and thinking, walking and loving. Silence, peace, cool weather, harmony, observing around. So beautiful Valtournenche, an Italian mountain center placed in Valle d’Aosta. I love mountains very much and this is the place of my heart. This center has many villages that offer very interesting points of view to photographers. I saw some sweet squares and I thought why not capture this nice corners remembering beautiful moments, the elapsed time with my family, my friends, people more closed to me but too far from me. I came back in Valtournenche last february , I couldn’t know really about the potential pandemic. I promised my self to shot more and more till the end of march but I was forced to stop. During that days I visited two of these villages deciding to test vintage photography and black and white shots: Crepin and Cretaz. I chose them because, according to me, they fit better this style. So I started to consider the nice fountain and the narrow corners of Cretaz village, the place of ancient crafts where twice a year people resident in remember their life gathering in this different squares. Then continuing on Crepin my eyes pointed towards the mountain landscape, the peak called Becca, the streets details with typical houses, and the bell tower: it’s really this bell tower that seems to tell me: “Welcome back home Stefania”.I wish that it could always be like this. Remembering best moments, I didn’t want to leave hoping to come back as soon as possible.

You can find my brief portfolio here


Arrachme’s Art in the New Wolfgang Puck Restaurant 2020


Artist’s work Selected for the New Wolfgang Puck Restaurant in The Villages, Florida, USA. Artist and Vice President of Outstanding Art Inc., serving commercial, foundations, and Private Clients. -Arrachme
Artist – “I enjoy creating peaceful, uplifting, art for people who love to feel freedom.” contact- www.arrachmeart.com