Artwork selected for the Esperanto Gallery and Studios Inc. juried August 6-20, 2021 Papier: A celebration of works on or about paper art exhibition


I am very pleased, honored and excited to be informed by Stacey MacNevin, an experimental artist and the Founder and Director of Esperanto Gallery and Studios Inc that 2 illustrations I enjoyed creating and submitted has been accepted for their juried art exhibition – Papier: A celebration of works on or about paper August 6 – 20, 2021.

Esperanto Gallery and Studios Inc. received a stellar group of submissions and are thrilled to be able to exhibit a show and digital catalogue with so many talented artists! Some artists will have multiple works showcased in both in the exhibit and digital catalogue. All accepted artists will receive a digital copy to download, share or print as they choose.

Here is website link to review some information about Esperanto gallery and Studios Inc.:



Michael Stokely, RGD, is the Principle and Founder of Stokely Design Associates Inc. and an abstract digital artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ronald Sánchez , is an artist, curator, and the Director of Laundromat Art Space a fully artist-run gallery and studios located in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Stacey MacNevin, is an experimental artist and Founder and Director of Esperanto Gallery and Studios Inc. a fully artist-run gallery, studios and retail space located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

The following work(s) that have been accepted by the jury members for exhibition and the digital catalogue are:

“Chain Smoker”

“Blues Vocalist”

Illustrations by Anson Liaw


NEW DATES: 19.-21-06.2021
The project WE CONTEMPORARY 2021 is strongly supported by MUSA INTERNATIONAL ART SPACE (Italy) and Salmgasse Foundation (Austria), Salmgasse 6, 1030 Vienna
I am representet there with my photo art!
Ute Eiselt,

Certificate of participation for being a selected artist to exhibit artwork for the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Art Exhibition


I am pleased to receive a certificate for being a selected artist to participate have 3 selected artwork images for onscreen exhibition for the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition which took place from May 27th to 30th, 2021 at Shibuya.

Tokyo’s Shibuya district is widely considered to be the beating heart of the capital.

The 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition is curated by Contemporary Art Station based in London, Tokyo and Barcelona.

Here are links to review some information about Contemporary Art Station and the 2021 Tokyo Art Expo / Tokyo Art Exhibition:

Titles of the 3 illustration artwork images selected for exhibition:

1) Unbreakable (version 11)
2) Blue Moon, I Saw Me Standing Alone (version 5)
3) 2020 45th annual Toronto International Film Festival (version 1)

Invited by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine to exhibit artwork for the River of Dreams Online Exhibition


5 images of my artwork for the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine’s invitational Online Exhibition “River of Dreams” is live online.

Online Exhibition ”River of Dreams”

Our art is our dream. The dream is a symbolic journey towards the most private part of the human soul. The theme of dreams goes through the idea of a journey, reflection, discovery, knowledge and emotion. The dream is a gateway into the deepest space of the soul. Dreams are potent driving forces in life. Dreams are the source, followed by hard work for the dreams to come true, and that’s the magic and beauty of life.

Exhibition period: June 14 – October 14, 2021

Link to review this exhibition online:

This exhibition aims to connect the world’s most talented artists with art collectors, magazine editors, curators, gallery owners, art dealers, influencers, art lovers and show your art to thousands of people worldwide.

As a result of COVID-19, many upcoming art fairs and exhibitions were cancelled or postponed. Contemporary Art Curator Magazine wants to offer artists a unique opportunity to exhibit and promote their art online.

The titles for the 5 artwork images selected for the Online Exhibition “River of Dreams” are:

1. “Our Children are Our Future” (version 2) created for the Free Kudus International Poster Competition and Exhibition 2021.

2. “Lifelessly Living” (version 3) created for the ACOSO / BULLYING invitational poster exhibition 2021 for RINC Red Internacional de Creadores Visuales A.C. in México / RINC International Network of Visual Creators in México.

3. “Hopelessly Devoted to You”

4. “Coming Attraction”

5. “Unbreakable” (version 11)

Illustration artwork by Anson Liaw




Klaus Biliczky zeigt in den Werken seiner Ausstellung vom 24.06. bis 01.08.2021 eine andere Sicht auf die Welt.
„Die Erde wird endlich im Angesicht der Unendlichkeit“ – Zitat Alexander Gerst – deutscher Astronaut.

KUNSTPREIS 2021 – Mensch wo bist du?


Klaus Biliczky wurde mit seinem dreidimensionalen Werk „Wenn das Meer Trauer trägt“ in die Finalrunde dieses internationalen Wettbewerbs gewählt, der von KUNST STUTTGART INTENATIONAL ausgeschrieben war. Besuchen Sie diese sehenswerte Finalisten-Ausstellung vom 24.06.21 – 01.08.2021.

River of Dreams


River of Dreams – Online exhibition

Contemporary Art Curator. My canvas “Boreal – Allegro -Black and White – Extravaganza – La Mer” are part of this exhibition.