International Masters Exhibition in Naples


There will be a new exhibition in Naples, in the Palazzo Venezia, organised by Galleria Il Collezionista, where 2 of my artworks will be exhibited among the works of many talented artists. If you are in Naples between 24-30 September, please come and enjoy the exhibition.

Tokyo – Shibuya station


Tokyo Shibuya station 2020 – September 14 – 20 – Edition III

Patrick Joosten with Daisy artwork in exhibition

Køge Bugt art associations 50-year history exhibition (DK)


Participates in Kunstforeningen Køge Bugt censored exhibition from 19 September to 10 October 2020 with the work “Transfiguration In Landscape # 1”.
The purpose of this censored exhibition, which is the second in the art association’s more than 50-year history, is to present art that can become a kind of narrative about what art and form of expression currently has the artists’ special attention.
The exhibition takes place in Galleri Portalen at Hundige Station in Greve Municipality, Denmark.
There is a vernissage in the Portal on Saturday 19 September at 13-16.
More info can be found here:

New Fine Art Nudes in Nature Image Set – Arabella in Colour


Amazilia has just published a new On-Line Exhibition of 11 colour images created with the versatile fine art nude model Arabella. The images are all shot in natural settings in the beautiful countryside just south of England’s Peak District.
The image set can be seen on Amazilia’s web site at

Woman’s Essence Show 2020


It was a great pleasure to be in Rome at the Woman’s Essence Show 2020. Thank you to the organisers: Musa International Art Space and UNESCO Bologna and the fellow artists for this art event in these unusual circumstances. It was fantastic. There were great artworks from talented artists from more than 30 countries. 2 of my artworks have been exhibited.
You can see more photos of the exhibition and my artworks at my website:

New work is participating the Taiwan Annual 2020


20200911/ Video Installation / 260 x 125 x 240 cm/ 2’08”
In modern times, the stage is a space for performance and competition. It often wanders between reality and nothingness. When people are indulging in the moment of performance or chasing honor and fame, the stage is a real. However when the song ends, the lights go out. It becomes a silent field. The stage is an indispensable moment in life, and it is also a time of drama that makes people love and hate.



Indian Architect, Charles Correa said, ” Certainly architecture is concerned with much more than just its physical attributes. It is a many-layered thing. Beneath and beyond the strata of function and structure, materials and texture, lie the deepest and most compulsive layers of all.” I am and have been fascinated by layers….going deeper, exploring an idea and or image to discover more. The search is akin to listening. To open my heart is a celebration of all that is ~ I have a new works in progress that is a window of exploration right now: Layers

Shibuya Train Station Art Exhibit, 3rd Edition


Contemporary Art Station’s Shibuya Station Exhibition, 3rd Edition opens on September 14, 2020. The exhibit will turn the Tokyo based underground railway station into an art exhibition.
An estimated 2.6 million daily commuters will be treated to a one week show participated by 40 selected artists from different parts of the globe ( Billboard Poster version of artists artworks will be on display at the Shibuya Station from September 14 -20, 2020.
And yes, I am one of the selected artists.😍 Sharing the billboard poster version of my work which will be installed for the upcoming show – every commuter could use A Moment in Silence…💖