The house of light


The house of light is an imaginary and real whole. It is composed of a series of photographic and artistic experiences that bring us closer to the most certain knowledge of the relationship between the human being and the cosmos. If we allow the maxim that a work of art is the convergence of a cosmic reason, compressed into the sensibility of an artist. In this case that’s how I call my website informally. The house of light. A set of heavenly experiences transferred from infinity to my thought and heart. In the company of beings whose existence can only be intuited through creation. And here in my photographic work we can get closer to them. Light sources and visionary knowledge. In this web site is the proof.

Exhibition in Milan September 17


“Dew #11” is accepted to be part a collective art exhibition with the Galleria Farini cocept. The exhibit will be showing September 17 – September 24, 2019 in the Art Mall Milano.



Amigos(Friends). And also cosmic. The muses of the artists are real. I have an engagement. Continue my work to prove that my cosmic muses are real. And i can be in direct contact with them. A breakthrough of technology. And not exactly ours, even though I’m moving forward. And we’ll get better. My work is visionary. Ahead of my own time. Image after image my work can be subjected to analysis and be understood. In this way we will learn to understand that beyond there are beings who care about our well-being. And they express the self that way. Through readable light, shadows, color, shapes and silhouettes. Let me say that the photograph I present in this article was not created by me, but my cosmic muses. And it’s a gift, yes. A commitment to friendship. Mutual. In order to evolve. Image after image. Event after event. There is life beyond photographic capture. And each capture is a cosmic test. That’s how I set my aesthetics.At present, this photograph participates in the international Color Awards 2019 competition. And Will son participate in the contest to publish in the Fall 2019 issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review magazine. It´s exhibition in Miami 2.0 by ArtBox projects it´s also planned.

Exhibition “What we lost” by A. Saez de Lafuente at the Riurau Film Festival 2019 (Jávea, Alicante, Spain)


During the Riurau Film Festival 2019 Short Film Festival in La Marina Alta, the IB Isabel Bilbao Gallery Art Gallery will exhibit the works of photography intervened with acrylic by artist A. Saez de Lafuente belonging to the “Artistic installation What we lost”.
This edition (Jávea, Alicante) will be the town that closes the Festival with the collaboration of the Oceanogràfic of Valencia with the creation of a section on the environment and the fight against climate change.
For this reason, the IB Isabel Bilbao Art Gallery in Jávea (Alicante, Spain) will exhibit throughout the Festival three works created with black and white photography with pictorial process to express denunciation for the degradation of our coasts due to the massive exploitation of the construction, abandonment of constructions and deforestation of the same
September 13 and 14 in Riurau Arnauda (Jávea, Xabia, Alicante) Spain

Sumatran Tiger – Endangered species new drawing


Here’s some pics of my latest drawing, following on from the Amur Leopard drawing created a few weeks ago…

Sumatran Tiger | 42 x 59.4 cm | Pencil on 200 gsm

This work combines the Sumatran tiger with a visualisation of it’s natural habitat, the forests of the island of Sumatra. I’m hoping to raise awareness around the issue of endangered species with these works. There are estimated to be less than 400 individual Tigers left on Sumatra, threatened by increasing deforestation and poaching these magnificent creatures could become extinct very soon – what kind of word are we creating ?

Architectural and calligraphic photography


If we combine the power of the electronic eye with the legible light we get an image belonging to a new visual language. It’s easy to understand this new language. For this purpose this architectural photograph shows us the beginning. The letter a. We all started learning to understand language by letter a. No doubt this photograph contains a powerful message. We can get ahead of events as this way of seeing photographic reality has an added it. The light through which alien beings express the self. And only the eye endowed with that power, by them, can see beyond time. It is a digital calculation synchronized with the electronic eye, only through the camera will we conquer the future. Today.
Currently this photograph is on display at ArtBox Gallery, Zurich by ArtBox Talent as part of the Show it! During the month of September and the month of November 2019. He also competes in Circle Quarterly Art Magazine 2019 contest for CFA and and the International Color Awards 2019

Fine Line Creative Art Center


Two of my acrylic paintings are part of “Chroma” an exhibit in the Kavanagh Gallery at the Fine Line Creative Art Center in St. Charles, IL. The exhibit will be showing September 6 – October 12, 2019. “Tropical Ocean from the Air” and “Red Passage” were accepted to be part of the show.