Latest artwork post.
Acrylics on canvas with palette knives. Many layers.

Honorable Mentions from Monochrome Photography Awards 2019.

Two of my earliest works made at Studio 210 were selected for Honorable Mention.

Torso #3

Torso #4

Signed prints of these images will be made available on website in the coming weeks.

RCH Photography


“”Sanctification “ 48 x 36 in. One of the mixed media artwork for the ELIOENAI exhibition to be shown on Friday,January 17th at Connie A.Eastburn Gallery , Cairn University PA USA.


Jun Gueco Cruz Solo Show

Life’s processes on a cellular level evoke in me a constant reminder of personal journeys. I see my own experience in things like an EKG tracing the electrical activity of the human heart. As an artist and practicing health care provider, my art merges my spiritual walk with medical science into biomorphic forms of expression. Through the biomorphic forms, I am able to convey my journey of transformation by accepting Christ Jesus and the hope that comes with it. The forms reference microscopic cellular structures but are shaped by personal relationships. In viewing my art, one peers at things that usually go unseen.

Art Innsbruck


I am pleased to invite you at Art Fair Innsbruck,, where I will expose 5 paintings.
We are at stand B/07.
Address : Art InnsbruckClaudiastrasse 1A-
6020 Innsbruck

Cows Fights & Portraits Exhibition in Sion – Switzerland


Happy to inform you about my exhibiton at ‘Grotto de la Fontaine’ in Sion (Switzerland). This exhibition is splited on two parts:

Part one: ‘Les Vaches d’Hérens – Cow d’Hérens fights’ will are presented between 16th November and 21th December

Part two: ‘Portraits’ will be presented between 21th December and 11th January 2020

To know more about the Val d’Hérens cow fights go to:

To see all my paints visit please:

Exhibition in Brussels


This painting “Don’t let the looks influence you” will be exhibited at International contemporary art fair in Brussels. Stand Davoust/Kulinski, row 1
Art 3F- 15th- 17th november 2019.
Brussels expo- Heysel Palais 1