Yulia Altas

Ocean Motions - Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in.

Yulia Mosolova Mironova Altas was born in 1974 in Tula City, Russian Federation and now lives in the United States. She studied Art at Tula Art School and Orel Art College and was awarded an Honors Diploma in Art & Design. She also received her Master’s degree from the Tula City University. Yulia Altas has had 7 solo exhibitions in the USA, UK, Italy and Russia and 28 group participations in Italy, the UK, France, German, Brazil, Japan and the USA, including at the Eiffel Tower’s, Gustave Eiffel Hall and the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. Her works belong to private and public collections in many countries and she is an awarded artist.

New Season Of Yellow - Acrylic on canvas 16 x 50 in.
Fantasy Of Colors - Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48 in.
Cosmic Feelings - Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in.
Beach Movements - Acrylic on canvas 18 x 24 in.

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Pia Forsberg

“In recent years, I've painted unknown people who no longer exist. Feeling of timelessness. Something that is left when everything else disappears.”

Unknown Young Woman - Oil on canvas 200 x 150 cm

Swedish painter and collage artist, Pia Forsberg lives in Stockholm. She studied at Beckmans College of Design and has taken several courses in painting and drawing. Since 1979, Forsberg has owned a Design and Illustration business specializing in book covers. She continues to actively exhibit internationally including in New York, the Söderhamn Art Gallery, Konstkraft Ljusne, Edsbyns Museum, Edsviks Konsthall, Galleri Bellman.

Young Girl In A Green Dress - Oil on canvas 146 x 72 cm
Two Women (Sisters) - Oil on canvas 140 x 90 cm
Unknown Girl In Black - Oil on canvas 200 x 150 cm
The Bride - Oil on canvas 140 x 90 cm

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“Mother Earth, Earth Mother, Earth and Sea to Infinity.”

Ecce Femina - Acrylic and oil 162 x 130 c

Serbian Artist, Milinkov lives and works in Paris, France. He has produced hundreds of artworks over the years in his unique and distinctive style.

Tesla - Acrylic and oil 162 x 130 cm
Summer - Acrylic and oil 100 x 81 cm
It May Be A Dream - Acrylic and oil 162 x 130 cm
Brebis Folies - Acrylic and oil 100 x 100 cm
Flower Queens - Acrylic and oil 39 x 39 cm
Night Queen - Acrylic and oil 39 x 39 cm
Fall - Acrylic and oil 39 x 31 cm
Mother Earth - Acrylic and oil 39 x 31 cm
Sailing Flowers - Acrylic and oil 39 x 39 cm

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Natalie Reilly

“It starts with an idea, a glimpse of reality, or an emotion from a photograph. It materializes and takes shape. It is full of color, feeling, intensity, and wantonness. It has the ability to raise the spirit. It has a message. It is personal. It is a creation. It is the work of an artist. It is art.”

Under the Sea - Acrylic on canvas 20 x 16 in.

"I grew up and currently live in Southern California.  It is home to me, my husband and my two children. While attending Fullerton College in the early 1990's, I took Art History, Painting and Drawing classes. Art was my niche and my happy place. It was at that time I knew I had a passion for acrylic brush painting. After college I did paint for a time, then my busy life took precedence. I had to put my artwork on hold for a while. Marriage (to my high school sweetheart), two children, etc. took priority. Now, my kids are older and I'm back to doing what I love... painting. 

My paintings focus on bold colors and clean lines. Some of my paintings focus on a simple subject and others tell more of a story. Many of my pieces are nature and travel inspired. Other works are more contemporary themed. Acrylic paints are usually my medium of choice. Much of my work on canvas is created with a constant blend of bright acrylic color.

I'm pleased to say that I have been in several live galleries and online juried exhibitions.  Some of my pieces have been awarded. I have had works published in artists magazines. My paintings have been sold to private collectors, some who have commissioned me to paint additional pieces for them. There is no better compliment.

I believe each piece of artwork should be a challenge for me to create.  It is a necessity to have to think through every brush stroke, color blend, composition and subject matter. Taking a painting from an empty white canvas to something unique and captivating is the best feeling on earth! Art is a great communicator...everyone sees it differently. This is the inspiration that keeps me painting until my fingers ache."

Tesoro - Acrylic on canvas 36 x 60 in.
California Dreamin’ Again - Acrylic on canvas 20 x 24 in.
California Dreamin at Sunset - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 15 in.
California Dreamin at the Wedge - Acrylic on canvas 24 x 18 in.

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Tracey Chaykin

"My Colored Pencil art is of a hyper-realistic style inspired by Nature. Participation in groups like ABUN-Artists and Biologists for Nature and Birdwhisperer Project provide a platform where my art can educate and promote conservation!"

American Lady - Colored Pencil on paper 5 x 5 in.

"Hi, I’m Tracey Chaykin, an award-winning Colored Pencil artist from Napa, California.  Born and raised in the boroughs of New York City, I found I possessed a knack for creativeness from an early age. Nature, both flora and fauna, were the subject matter of choice for my artistic exploits.  But as for many folks, school, marriage and a career in Accounting took me in a different direction up until recently. 

The re-awakening of my love of drawing, along with new-found techniques within the colored pencil medium have allowed me as a self-taught artist to experiment with a variety of subject matter.  To date, I’ve drawn florals, portraits, but the niche that stands out most is Wildlife.  Nature has intrigued me and continues to be my inspiration.  Since beginning my journey as a Colored Pencil artist, I have pursued many affiliations which have led me to groups specifically focused on art for the purpose of Education and Conservation efforts.  Some of these groups are the Birdwhisperer Project and ABUN-Artists and Biologists for Nature. The plethora of subject matter is mind blowing and I love the challenge!  The ability to combine my love for Nature with my love of drawing is a dream come true.  If someone would have told me years ago that I would find myself in this fantastic position, I would not have believed them. I look forward to expanding my affiliations with Wildlife conservation.

My life and artistic goals are intertwined.  Never stop learning! Expand my knowledge base so that I can continue to preserve and share the awe of Nature’s beauty for all to appreciate while ever expanding on the possibilities of what can be achieved with colored pencil!

On the Prowl - Colored Pencil on paper 8 x 10 in.
Blu - Colored Pencil on paper 8 x 10 in.
Pride of Kenya - Colored Pencil over Gouache on paper 8 x 10 in.
Small But Mighty - Colored Pencil on paper 12 x 16 in.

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Eugene Kuperman

1915 Oil on linen 30 x 40 in.
Eugene Kuperman was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1987 and now lives in Southern California. Since childhood, Eugene enjoyed drawing anything that inspired him. Eugene has been sketching since he was three years old and painting since he was seven. He has created over four hundred pieces and thousands of sketches. Eugene’s work is in many private collections including in a private collection of Robert Harris Rothschild who has many notable works in his collection by artists like Rembrandt, Chagall, Dali, Ernst, Lichtenstein, and many more. An art catalog came out in 2012 featuring many of those artists as well as the work commissioned from Eugene. From 2010 to his passing in 2014, Eugene Kuperman studied with a renowned Russian artist Leonid Steele whose works are in many museums in the world, including pieces in the notable Tretakov Gallery in Russia. One of Leonid’s former teachers was a student of a famous Russian landscape painter: Isaac Levitan and another teacher he had, was a student of the famous Russian artist: Ilya Repin.
Hospital Parking Lot Oil on canvas 40 x 30 in.
Never Again Oil on linen 30 x 40 in.
Motherly Love - Oil on linen 18 x 24 in.
Hollywood Walk of Fame Oil on canvas, 36 x 24 in.
Peaceful Silence Interchangeable Triptych - Acrylic on canvas Side panels 24 x 18 in. Centre panel 24 x 36 in.

For Eugene, art is about inspiration. He has been exhibiting since 2006. In 2008, Eugene traveled for a study abroad trip to Paris, France to study the old masters from life at the Louvre. He was very much inspired by the Rubens room there as well as the two Michelangelo sculptures; Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave. Another piece that left an impression on Eugene was Theodore Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa. In October 2017, Eugene Kuperman traveled to Italy to study the great Italian Renaissance and Baroque masters. He’s witnessed the greatest works by Michelangelo first hand, such as Statue of David, St.Peter’s Pieta, Sistine Chapel, Tomb of Pope Julius II, Doni Tondo, Pieta Palestrina, the unfinished Slave sculptures, Dome of St.Peter’s Basilica and more. Michelangelo serves as his greatest inspiration for his incredible sense of design and composition. Since late 2014, early 2015, Eugene took a new direction in art. He took upon himself to create works of social commentary which to any extent educate, enlighten, and promote change in society. Eugene Kuperman is a listed artist and his work has been published in various art books, magazines, and newspapers.

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Yi Shin Chiang

I do enjoy the process of uncertainty. "Half Empty, Half Full," is my current portrait painting series which represents two opposite emotions which then conflict with each other simultaneously.”

Second Look Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in.

“I only paint my friends or family members who have a significant relationship with me. I’ve witnessed most of their tipping points and undergone a change after each setback and frustration. I ponder over each of their emotional conflicts and picture them individually because everyone is unique and their life experiences are indeed different.

I do enjoy the process of uncertainty. "Half Empty, Half Full," is my current portrait painting series which represents two opposite emotions which then conflict with each other simultaneously. This concept was inspired by the challenging moments I noticed my friends struggling with. Everyone has experienced turning points and dealt with dilemmas at some point in their lives. My first painting in this series was inspired by a good friend of mine named, Lucky Lu. She is a photography student who struggled to create her own unique style in the photography field. She was criticized and doubted by a friend for being a copycat of another artist. She chose to defend herself by hiding her sorrow secretly. Once she exposed her sadness in front of me, I felt her confidence quickly collapse and destruct. Thus, I wanted to mark down this moment on my canvas in my own point of view. I depicted her standing in front of an intersection and having no clue whether to go left or right. Her pride protected her dignity so she could put on her mask and fight back. Nonetheless, her confidence was already destroyed and dispirited. This is a tug of war between strength and weakness. Likewise, we would never know the results until the last minute. This ambiguous moment is both optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. There must be times in life when you have a crossroad of life. Any kind of decision you make can change your life completely, but there would be no turning back once the choice has been made.

In this series of portraits, I’ve asked my friends to be my models. The only request I had for them was to just look straight at the camera, and countless photographs were taken. The photo shoots were simply plain without any special settings, makeup, or hair, but pure and natural portrait. Sometimes only one out of a hundred photos could fit into my ideas. In this work, I paint bold strokes and smooth transition with big palette knife and brushes. The contrast of hard edges and refine detail represent both positive and negative emotions that I've decided for each individual friend. The surface of my painting is rough with thick paints as if there were a tug of war battling on my canvas. The vibrant colors I chose for two emotions can sometimes be too competitive with to each other; therefore, I have to merge colors with abstraction and distortion in order to balance between the two in harmony and also enrich its mysterious looking. My concept embraces when two opposite emotions exist at the same time and could be either sanguine or depressed because they both exist evenly and compete with each other. Therefore, the outcome of each painting stays mysterious and unpredictable."

Stage One: Isolation Acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in.
Frozen the Weakness Oil on canvas 46 x 48 in.
Stage Two: Antagonism Acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in.

  Ms. Yi Shin Chiang is a leading Fine Artist from Taiwan, who is now based in San Francisco. Her preferred medium is oil paint, but she is knowledgeable and highly skilled across a range of materials including watercolor, gouache, and acrylic. Ms. Chiang specializes in portraiture, figurative, landscape, and cityscapes; her painting is unique however, in that rather than using her technical mastery to create realistic works in each genre, her interest and emphasis is on exploring the mood and presentation of ambiguity in her subject, whatever it may be. Her distinctive combination of realism and abstraction is referred to by many as transformative artwork. Ms. Chiang developed her passion for painting when she was a mere 16 years old. As she delved further into the art she also discovered her own innate talent for this fine art skill. Ms. Chiang went to high school at Sentinel Secondary School in West Vancouver, Canada. She spent much of her high school career perfecting her artistic skills, and when she was only 18 years old she was commissioned to paint a mural for her high school. The mural has been on display since. She was also awarded second place in the Youth Works category of the West Vancouver Memorial Library’s Remembrance Day Contest, for a graphite pencil drawing, which her secondary school art teacher found particularly moving and opted to submit as a contest entry. This was a major milestone for Ms. Chiang; it was the very external encouragement she needed to enable her to commit to a life as a professional artist. With this award to galvanize her, Ms. Chiang applied to the esteemed Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. The Academy of Art University is one of the world’s most recognized art schools, attracting aspiring creative professionals from across the globe. To gain acceptance to any of the Academy’s rigorous and highly competitive programs applicants must submit exemplary portfolios and provide evidence that they are among the world’s best up and coming artists in their chosen discipline. Ms. Chiang’s submission was met with delight, and she was accepted to the Academy’s undergraduate Illustration program, where she flourished. After graduating with her BFA in Illustration, in 2010, Ms. Chiang elected to pursue her passion even further, and with much encouragement from her mentors and professors, applied to the Master of Fine Art program at the Academy of Art University. She was easily accepted on the merits of her previous academic record, her stunning portfolio, and her firmly established reputation within the Academy of Art University and San Francisco arts community as an extraordinarily talented and innovative painter and illustrator.

Ms. Chiang exhibited in several prominent shows in 2012, while studying for her Masters Degree. These include at the Taiwan Museum of Fine Art where she was a Finalist in the Beauty of Taiwan contest; at San Francisco’s celebrated Arata Fine Art Gallery, as part of the San Francisco North Beach Cityscapes show; in one of Studio Gallery’s regionally beloved Tiny Shows in San Francisco, CA; as well as in the Academy of Art University’s competitive Annual Spring Show. In 2013 Ms. Chiang took advantage of a remarkable opportunity to study painting and drawing in one of the western hemisphere’s oldest and most important cities for the production and appreciation of art and culture – Florence, Italy. She was selected for the rare honor of completing a summer-term at Florence’s prestigious Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA). SRISA is one of Italy’s top art and design schools – no small feat in a country which has been one of the world’s leading exporters of culture, art, and design for nearly two millennia. The chance to study at SRISA represented strong praise for Ms. Chiang’s skills and her breathtaking body of work. In addition to earning her a once in a lifetime chance to hone her craft among the works of the old masters, Ms. Chiang’s remarkable talent and novel artistic vision also brought her several opportunities to exhibit her work in 2013. She showed work in the Academy of Art University’s competitive Spring Show at San Francisco’s renowned Palace of Fine Arts, where she took an impressive Second Place in the Abstract Painting category. She was invited back to San Francisco’s Studio Gallery to participate in another Tiny Show. Perhaps most impressively Ms. Chiang was awarded the Jury's Favorite award in the immensely popular BoldBrush Painting Competition. In 2014, Ms. Chiang’s final year as an MFA student, she also had a number of important exhibitions including the Academy’s Spring Show, in which she took Third Place in the Abstract Category; as well as a solo portrait show entitled Half Empty, Half Full at San Francisco’s popular Cannery Gallery. After graduating with a Masters in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, Ms. Chiang’s career as a sought after professional artist began in earnest. She quickly began exhibiting throughout the United States, Canada and Taiwan. In 2014 Ms. Chiang exhibited her work in a number of competitive juried exhibitions and prestigious venues. She was part of the Dab Art show at HUD Gallery in Ventura California, an international juried exhibition for which Ms. Chiang’s paintings Frozen the Weakness, and Thesis Study#9 were selected, and for which she was awarded “Best in Show.” Ms. Chiang also had the honor of being selected as a Finalist in the 118th Annual Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Open Juried Exhibition, at the National Arts Club in New York. Named for the only woman among the 106 founders of New York’s preeminent Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club maintains close ties with this American institution which remains an important part of the international art world.

To have one’s work selected for this iconic exhibition is among the highest forms of praise in the American artistic community, but to be named by the jury as a finalist is an extremely rare honor reserved only for the world’s most accomplished artists. In addition Ms. Chiang was awarded Special Recognition in the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 5th Annual Abstracts competition. Light Space & Time is an exceedingly important online art clearinghouse. Competition artwork is promoted through over 39,000 visitors, and 66,000 Pageviews each month; additionally over 7,000 gallery owners, corporate art representatives, and decision makers in the fine arts field subscribe to the gallery’s monthly bulletins. As such placing in the top tier of a Light Space & Time competition represents a major advancement in any artist’s professional career, and it is one that is afforded only to the industry’s best. Ms. Chiang was also a Top 20 Finalist in the 2014 / 2015 Portraits Art Exhibition from Artist Portfolio Magazine. Founded in 2010 Artist Portfolio Magazine is a juried publication which reaches over 46,000 unique readers per issue. Reaching the top tier in one of the magazine’s exhibitions is considered a major achievement in the international online art world.  Thus far in 2015 Ms. Chiang has been asked to participate in several important exhibitions along the West Coast, including the 19th Annual de Young juried showcase Divergence: Emerging Legacies an Art Event at San Francisco’s world famous de Young Museum for which she was a Finalist; as well as at the 2015 Expressions West Exhibition, at the Coos Art Museum in Oregon. The Expressions West Exhibit features forty-five artists from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Ms. Chiang exhibited her works entitled Thesis Study #2, Thesis Study #7, and Unknown. Her work Thesis Study #2 was awarded Honorable Mention. Ms. Chiang also took part in the 9th Annual International Au Naturel: The Nude in the 21st Century, Juried Exhibit at the Clatsop Art Center Gallery, in Astoria, Oregon, where she was a Finalist. Further east Ms. Chiang was an esteemed Finalist in the third annual Nude Attitude Exhibition of the Peoria Art Guild Gallery, in Illinois; and exhibited in the 2015 Small Works Exhibit, at the Limner Gallery, in Hudson, New York. The Limner Gallery is known for its controversial and provocative exhibitions, and has been at the cutting edge of the American art world from the time it was founded in 1987, in its original home in Manhattan’s East Village. The gallery remains a major player in the American art community and showing one’s work there is indicative of a high degree of success. Ms. Chiang continues to work on her portrait series, examining the coexistence of opposing emotions, as well as her carefully designed figurative works expressing the dynamic connections between realism and expressionism. Her unique perspective and broad range of execution, combined with her immense technical abilities, have made her work much in demand in the United States today.

It's You But Not You Oil on canvas 40 x 40 in.

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Eman Hakim

"Paint with your soul and your heart before your hands! I hope I can reach everybody with my art and improve their taste and perception towards fine arts and beauty so that I can influence the culture of my country positively."

She & Peacock 1 - Oil & Acrylic on canvas 145 x 170 cm

Egyptian artist, Eman Hakim lives in Cairo and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is a member of the Syndicate of Plastic Artists as well as many art societies in Egypt and UAE. With eight solo shows in both private and public galleries, Eman continues to exhibit collectively. She has represented Egypt internationally at the Biennale of Chianciano - Italy 2013, a group exhibition in Gagliardi Gallery London 2014 and Biennale of Malaysia 2014 & The "International Exhibition for Peace" in Kazakhstan in 2015 & 2016 where she won the prize "international artist for Peace". Her artwork is in private collection in Egypt, UAE & Canada as well as the Modern Art Museum, Port Said Museum, Cairo Opera house,  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and China Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan & Royal Court in Kuwait.

Girl Portrait 1 - Oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm
She & Peacock 2 - Oil & Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm
Bread - Oil & Acrylic on wood 105 x 140 cm
Girl Portrait 2 - Oil on canvas 40 x 40 cm

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"Un petit poème qui me qualifi:

Enfant sur les bancs d’école déjà

Il griffonnait sur une feuille de brouillon

Quelques dessins, se posant là

Sortis tout droit de son inspiration…

Or l’enfant à grandit, ses petits pieds aussi

Il s’est propulsé dans la vie

Son art s’est vraiment défini


Rue D'Abby - Watercolor 50 x 40 cm

Self-taught painter, watercolorist, and pastelist, DéDé FARNIER was born in Bort Les Orgues and raised in Auvergne. He completed all his studies in Dordogne and he would always keep a sketchbook at hand to draw images that came to mind. After his Industrial Design studies, Farnier worked a variety of jobs in Paris for 15 years. He would spend much of his time off at Place du Tertre observing the local artists. Moving to Sarlat he took a watercolor course. The artist has participated in multiple local, national and international exhibits who have been produced valuable networking opportunities, yet for Farnier, painting remains a hobby.

“Peintre aquarelliste et pastelliste autodidacte, né à BORT LES ORGUES (19) j’ai passé mon enfance en Auvergne, puis c’est en Dordogne que j’ai fait toutes mes études, mis toujours une feuille de brouillon à coté de mon cahier de leçons,  pour y griffonner les dessins qui me passaient par la tête. Après des études d’ajusteur et de perfectionnement en dessin industriel, j’ai fait divers travails et c’est à PARIS que ma carrière m’a conduit durant 15 années. Sur la Place du Tertre où je passais la plupart de mon temps libre, j’ai pioché ça et là pas mal d’astuces en regardant les différents artistes de ce lieu merveilleux.

Puis muté à SARLAT, donc de retour en Dans le Périgord je me suis inscrit à un cours d’aquarelle où je me suis perfectionné pendant une année, après une nouvelle mutation dans le Ribéracois , je me suis inscrit à deux cours au centre culturel de Ribérac . Puis une nouvelle mutation au L E P de Chardeuil m’a obligé de voler de mes propres ailes.

J’ai participé à plusieurs expositions régionales, nationales,  internationales qui m’ont valu quelques récompenses et reconnaissances, mais la peinture reste pour moi un  loisir pour le moment.”

Fleur de Prunus - Watercolor 50 x 40 cm
Reflets D’Automne Après l’Averse - Watercolor 50 x 40 cm
A Quand La liberté - Watercolor 50 x 40 cm
Grange des Mourtis - Watercolor 70 x 50 cm

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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Danguole Serstinskaja

"Photorealism perfectly represents my understanding of art, in that it must display the mastery of the artist."

Tortoiseshell Cat - Pastel on velour 25 x 35 cm

Award-winning Lithuanian artist, Danguole Serstinskaja focuses on hyper-realistic animal portraits.

With decades of experience in training, breeding and judging dogs as an FCI Judge, as well as keeping other animals, she draws upon her understanding of animal psychology as well as anatomy to produce art that captures and embeds the animal's emotions.

Placing animals under the same spotlight that is commonly reserved for humans, in Danguole's artworks the animal is the only subject and focus of the story. With a lifelong experience as an artist, and after producing hundreds of drawings and paintings of landscapes as well as portraits, Danguole eventually found and developed a rare technique which perfectly aligns with her artistic desire to portray animals deeply, accurately and efficiently.

This technique is applying oil on paper using a dry paintbrush. Having mastered this technique, Danguole has gained a liberating amount of control over the intensity of shading and ability to add as much detail as she desires. She works layer after layer until her artistic vision is fulfilled, and the result is art with distinct tonal gradation, hyper-realistic detail, and contrast that makes the painting hard to distinguish from a photograph.

Wren - Pastel on pastelmat 24 x 30 cm
Looking Forward To Spring - Oil on paper 42 x 30 cm
Touch - Oil on paper 50 x 70 cm
Oak Spirit - Oil on paper 46 x 64 cm

This review was published by Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press ∙ Images are courtesy of the artist


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