Catherine Tait

"The translucency of watercolour is wonderful when creating rippling water reflections. To create this work, I placed a piece of large watercolour paper vertically on an easel, allowing the colours to flow freely down and merge at will, uncontrolled."

River edge - Watercolor 75 x 98 cm

Australian artist, Catherine Tait has been creating all her life and exhibiting professionally for over 35 years. She has won over 40 awards and in 2019, exhibited in New York.

Living in central Victoria Australia, a creative hub for artists, Catherine attended art school and worked in display for Myer. Workshops and mentoring from established artists, experts in their field, helps Catherine’s approach to art constantly develop as the learning process continues to evolve. This ceaseless exploration propels her career and fuels an endless search for new techniques.

Catherine’s latest body of work centers on the use of warm highlights and darker undertones to create depth and emotive constructs. She creates with multiple mediums - watercolours, pastels, mixed media - using a limited warm palette. Her subjects vary, from portraits through to vast natural landscapes and intimate still life compositions

Bells swamp 11 - Watercolor 110 x 70 cm
Bell Swamp - Watercolor 133 x 90 cm
After the rain - Watercolor 94 x 80 cm
Murry river - Watercolor 88 x 120 cm

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