‘Chaos Coordinate System’ solo show


The dream world is an invisible world, but we cannot deny its existence. I proceed by “plagiarizing” scenes from my dreams, incorporating them into my work and giving them three-dimensional form in physical reality. However, this does not mean that every one of my paintings comes directly from my dreams. I record the content of my dreams indirectly, improvising and adapting, depending upon the materials I am using and the formats in which I am working. As for this thesis show, the inspiration of my works on display comes from a dream I had during the epidemic. I dreamed that I was standing above a wilderness, and a huge black hole was floating in the sky. So, I created a series of works about black holes and intended to continue it. My goal, as an artist, is to use my dreams to establish a more profound connection with the real world, which viewers can experience. My works, in whatever media, are different from my original dreams, which have been transformed or altered because of the conscious thoughts that have gone into their creation. But it is undeniable that what initially motivated me to create these works came from my dreams.