Chase Bailey

"My influences are centered on the styles of Post Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, with many aspects of German and Abstract Expressionism. I’m an oil painter through and through. I love the feel, the sensation of oil on canvas."

Banquet pour Quatre - Oil on linen 162 x 130 cm

American Artist, Chase Bailey was born in Kansas in 1947 and attended Kansas City Art Institute in the mid-1960s. Due to life events, he postponed his art studies to join the US Marine Corps in 1967. After the Marine Corps and Vietnam, he graduated with degrees in Math, Business and Art and spent 28 years in High Tech in Silicon Valley.

Never did his desire to paint diminish. He drew, studied, read and dreamed of creating art.

Chase retired from High Tech and re-kindled his passion for art. Moving to Paris in 2000 and after a few years of persistent and studious painting, he was selected to exhibit at the North Beach Gallery in San Francisco. His paintings were selected to be exhibited in many cities including Los Angeles and Paris.

In 2005, Chase was selected along with 87 other artists from 30 countries to represent the Dalai Lama in an International Art Show called, “The Missing Peace”. His painting, “E’Volution vers une Incarnation” was selected and purchased by an Art Collector in Japan.

Chase moved to New Hampshire in 2009 to start his Seacoast chapter of Art.

Trois Femmes en Conversation - Oil on linen 100 x 150 cm
Banquet Summer with Fish - Oil on linen 70 x 190 cm
Deux Femmes dans La Brasserie - Oil on linen 150 x 200 cm
Trois Femmes Reposant - Oil on linen 146 x 228 cm

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