Chippie Kennedy

“Sculpture is an art form to be shared. A piece of work is an open invitation to the viewer to enjoy and experience through both sight and touch. Each brush of a hand brings subtle changes and new life to the piece. In these moments the piece belongs to the viewer as well as to the artist.”

Gaea - Clay for plaster/bronze Life-size

“At an early age, I developed a keen interest in the presentation of the human figure as a hanger or show-piece for clothing. This led me to pursue a Degree in Fashion Design at Ryerson University where I studied the movement of the body and cloth and what it presents to the viewer. A career designing on 7th Ave. in New York City intensified my fascination with texture, drape, and movement and pushed me to explore the deeper qualities of form through new mediums. After years of dressing the figure, I now wanted to sculpt it… and so I began the transition from cloth to clay. My work and process are intuitive and organic as I seek to give life to my clay and composition. With each piece, I strive to expose the raw nature of the body. 

I was able to attain the knowledge and appreciation of the body’s complex structure through study at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy. I graduated from the three-year Sculpture program in 2012.”

Lazy River - Bronze Life-size
Temptation - Bronze Life-size
Into The Woods - Bronze Life-size
Daphne - Bronze 3/4 Life-size

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