Chris Drury

"My work is described as Land Art, but in fact, it is about context which gives rise to material, form and method. I have worked on every continent on Earth including Antarctica, and I have collaborated with small communities worldwide, scientists, physicians, ecologists and astronomers.”

Wind Vortices - Photo image of a drawing made by skidoo and GPS in a fresh fall of stone 100 x 65 m

Chris Drury has been described as a land artist but he himself says that he is an eco land artist, seeking to make connections between: Nature and Culture, Inner and Outer, Microcosm and Macrocosm.

Drury has an interest is in ecology and land art and collaborates with scientists, technicians from a broad spectrum of disciplines and technology. He works with small local communities all over the world, representing the special qualities of their particular places back to them and uses whatever visual means and materials best suit each situation.

He has made site-specific works on every continent, including Antarctica. Drury held a major solo show at the Nevada Museum of Art entitled 'Mushrooms|Clouds'. Hs work 'Carbon Sink' in Wyoming sparked a worldwide furor about the burning of fossil fuels in connection with dying forests in the Rockies. He is currently putting together a retrospective book looking back at over 45 years of work.

Chris Drury was born in Sri Lanka and today lives in the South of England.

Mushroom Cloud - 6000 pieces of dried fungi slices, sealed in acrylic and suspended between a steel frame and the floor on nylon thread – lit from beneath 230 x 500 cm
Medicine Wheel - 365 found natural objects, 12 plant papers, spore print D. 220 cm
Horizon Line Chamber - Stone chamber, wood door, lens in metal housing in the wall 5 x 4 x 3.5 m
Carbon Sink - Beetle killed pine logs and coal D. 14 m

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