Christopher Pothier

"I am fascinated by human nature and our shared human experience. Using my thoughts, dreams, and philosophies as the framework for my subject matter, I seek to explain the world around me through the medium of paint. This is a lifelong obsession and practice, and I'm incredibly thankful for it."

Mechanics Of The Pack - Oil on wooden panel 31 x 61 in.

"My artwork is influenced by my own personal experiences, the experiences of others and the general zeitgeist of our culture. Since 1999, I have made my living as a professional artist/painter. Through multiple gallery exhibitions and key commissioned pieces, I seek to progress always, to get better and to understand the world around me. I am obsessed with painting. I am never bored by it. Apart from spending time with my wife and children, it is all that I ever want to do, and this will continue until the time that I leave this place."

“Masterfully executed, rich brushstroke and an intricately balanced focus guiding the viewer’s eye around the canvas and forcing it into the center of the scene, Christopher Pothier’s paintings carry the surreal to the political in an array of visual metaphors. His works, sumptuous yet delicate, present philosophical allegories that invite the viewer to contemplate social, civil and very intimate issues.” - Myrina Tunberg Georgiou (Circle Foundation Curator)

Ode To Langhorne Clemens - Oil on wooden panel 24 x 32 in.
The Red Coat #1 - Oil on wooden panel 36 x 48 in.
The Scrum - Oil on wooden panel 33 x 60 in.
The Chaotic Event Unfolds, Part 1 - Oil on wooden panel 48 x 42 in.

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