Circle Quarterly Magazine Contest

Open call for artists

We invite artists working in all types of visual media to join this contest and win full-color, full-page publication in the Fall 2017 issue of Circle Quarterly. 

 For artists working in all media  

High-Quality Print Magazine  

 Tablet and smart phone compatible E-mag. 

 40 full pages awarded through this contest

Recent Contest Entries

About the Magazine

Circle Quarterly is our official quarterly print and e-magazine. Each new issue examines 50 artists profiles and proposes artwork worth collecting. We review current visual arts trends and original practices in a variety of disciplines. Distributed digitally and in print, Circle Quarterly reaches an international readership and provides a useful publishing tool for the active artist and a valuable index for curators and collectors. 

• Who reads the magazine? 

Circle Quarterly is available in print and as e-magazine. The e-magazine is delivered directly to about 100,000 email recipients via our newsletter. The e-magazine will be available to explore, page-by-page for free, on our website and on Issuu. You will be able to embed the magazine on your own website and share it on your favorite social media. The print magazine (16€ per copy, Size: 21 x 29.7 cm or 8.2 x 11.6 inches) will be available to order or send to your address of choice.

Contest Details

Contest Participation Cost: 20€ per image (includes taxes)

Contest Deadline: August 30, 2017  

Magazine Release Date: Sept/Oct. 2017

• What will my page in the magazine look like? 

Click here to view a sample design of the magazine. Each page will contain the artist’s name, website, 1 large image of work, details about the work (title, media, used, dimensions) and a short artist statement.  In the digital version your page will link directly to your website.  

• How many artists will win this contest? 

40 full-page presentations will be distributed through this contest. One artist can win up to 4 pages. We only print one image per page. 


 How to participate

∙ Prepare the images your want to add + click "Add your images"  to complete the participation form.  



∙ If you successfully complete the form you will receive a confirmation email. (Save our email address to your contacts to make sure you will receive any future messages.) ∙  Your images will appear on the contest entries page within 1 business day.

∙  Your images will appear on the contest entries page within 1 business day.  The winners will be announced on our website. If you win page(s) in the magazine we will email you personally through the email address you gave on the contest form.


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