In this issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review, we examine work by 108 mid-career and established artists working in a variety of discipline and style. From sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital and mixed media we look at each work for its unique aesthetic as well as how it reflects upon current trends and practices in contemporary art. In compiling this diverse curated selection we aim at creating a narrative through both the commonalities between the artworks, but also the dissimilarities between each practice and each approach. The power of contemporary art springs from the diversity, the freedom and the openness it breathes. The beauty of art transpires from how unrestricted the artist is in creating content and how unconstrained the viewer is in contextualizing meaning. 

 Artists On Feature

Carolyn Adams Taha Afshar Joan Andal Romano Robin Antar Bayla Arietta Anneli Arms Marianne Arnbäck Björn Bauer Jason Bryant Fabian Bürgy Armando Cabba Kathleen Carr Laara Cassells Bruno Castro Santos Barrie Dale Alexander Daxböck Montserrat Diaz Georg Douglas Yvonne Mabs Francis Ritva Georgiades Carlos Gigena Seeber Jennifer Goddard Terry Golletz Alexandre Gondim Fiona Goulding Ellen Grael Marek Grychczynski Juan Camilo Guzmán Anton Franz Hoeger Chanil Hong (Handy Chanil) Grace Huang Kalenga Markos Kampanis Sinisha Kashawelski Debra Keirce Sun Sook Kim Hiro Kiyoshima Richard Klekociuk Petra Knezic Jean Marc La Roque Mina La Verde Valeriya Lakrisenko Julia Lambright Syra Larkin Botár László Gaetanne Lavoie Amir Lavon Lawrence Lee Annie Lee-Zimerle Lina Leoni Lin Mei Lin Hong Liu-Sertti Tahnee Lonsdale Kostas Loudovikos Alessandro Luschi Isacco Macalli Francis Malapris Stephen Mangum Franco Margari MarianneB Glenn Marlowe Roberta Marroquin Geena Matuson Franco Meloni Zara Monet Feeney Richard Mongiat Keiko Nabila Yamazaki Andrew Lincoln Nelson Laura Miller Nisita Lucy O’Donovan George Emil Odthermat Tatyana Palchuk Jon Bøe Paulsen Steven Peters Neela Pushparaj Dan Pyle Raymond Quenneville Jose Luis Quinones Peyton Rack Gustavo Ramos Soteris Sam Roussi John Ruby Santoni Mira Satryan Ursa Schoepper Annette Schreiber Mary Catherine Solberg Susan Sommer Paul Kingsley Squire Bernd Steinert Chenyi Sun Susi Rood Bernadetta Tajs N. H. Teetelli Teo Ai Woon Chris Thomas Ilya Trofimenko Laura Van Horne Viggo Marcelino Vizcaino Carol Wagstaff Mary Ann Wakeley Andy Walker Wang Yang Dave Weindorf Marti White Maija Ylä-Sahra Meng Zhou
Front Cover - Isacco Macalli     |   Back Cover - Chenyi Sun

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