Claire Bliss

“The world is my kaleidoscope” - James Allen

“As a mixed media artist I am interested in utilising a wide range of materials and techniques, I love to experiment how I can push the boundaries and encourage my audience to question my work.”

Layla - Pencil drawing 75 x 55 cm

"I have always been immensely passionate about art - drawing, painting and creating things since I was a child. Inevitably I went onto complete A levels in Art and Design, as well as studying for an HND in 3D Design at Bedford College. Finally, I studied Fine and Applied Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University, specializing in glass and ceramics. As a practicing artist, I now have regular exhibitions and work as an art tutor and children's book illustrator.

Within some of my three-dimensional work I combine glass and ceramics - these two materials can be integrated together to create striking effects – including the crazing of the glass. As well as this glass is highly reflective and catches the light - giving it a precious quality, in particular the dichroic glass I often use - as depending on the lighting conditions it changes colour – which gives it a special, magical feel.

I am particularly influenced by African shrines, magical artifacts, fantasy, different cultures and spiritual concepts; anything out of the ordinary fascinates me; I like to spend time in junk shops collecting various objects to include within my work to add another dimension.  Artists who inspire me are Steve Dilworth, Pascal Verbena, Jean Tinguely and Theo Jansen to name a few - I constantly come across artists/ designers whose work astounds me and renews my passion for the creative arts.

I put a lot of myself into my work – it is very personal, spiritual and philosophical to me…not purely about the aesthetics but also a deeper meaning.”

Pater Enim Meus - Glass and ceramics 45 x 30 x 9 cm
True Colours - Silk painting 90 x 70 cm
Web of Memory - Mixed media 3 x 4 m
Shrines to Humanity - Glass and ceramics 30 x 40 x 9 cm

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