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Close Up Radio spotlights artist Kimberly Berg

Cadyville, NY – In paleolithic times women worshiped the Goddess. With the rise of patriarchy, the Goddess was dethroned and substituted with a male God with little regard for women.

Award-winning artist and male feminist advocate Kimberly Berg uses the power of his art images to revive ancient goddess spirituality.

“Women once played an extremely critical and influential role in creating and shaping their civilization,” says Berg. “It’s my mission and life’s purpose to inspire women to be aware and learn from their history.”

Berg creates images that encourage women everywhere to embrace the goddess within them and become extraordinary leaders. “I take these ideas of women’s spirituality very seriously,” says Berg. “I’ve always been aware of how women have been mistreated but I had never acted on that awareness. The art that I had been creating in the early 90’s actually fit in perfectly with the revelation I experienced later. So it seemed like I was under some sort of guidance from the very beginning.”

That guidance resulted in Legacy of the Goddess, Berg’s masterwork that can be viewed on his website, The text and paintings speak to each other and inform each other.

“It’s something that happens for an artist maybe once or twice: hard work and true inspiration. It’s something you have no control over. It comes when it comes and you go where it goes,” says Berg. “I combine the two: the word and the image, and that can be very powerful when you have a thought provoking message. and a compelling image.”

Berg was initially inspired when he became interested in prepatriarchic, Paleolithic Neolithic history after reading “When the Women Were Drummers” by Layne Redmond.

“The idea that we can draw on the distant past for core instruction is completely alien to our modern so-called progressive way of thinking,” says Berg. “That’s why I try to draw attention to what happened in earliest times because much of it had more value and validity then what we are living with today, especially what we have today under the aegis of Trump.”
This is especially true today considering the way women were once highly respected in ancient times as opposed to the dismissive and abusive way they have been treated for the last 5000 years under patriarchy.
The difficulty of passing women’s Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is just one example of how male, patriarchal power is still exerted today in our contemporary world.
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