Constance Vepstas

"A simple object or person can become lyrical, foreboding, fantastic, mysterious or comical by manipulation of a photograph. The artist can express ideologies, feelings, challenges that will capture a person’s attention. The artist as creator is quite a challenge."

The Lady - Photograph 11 x 14 in.

“Manipulation of photography by contemporary artists has enabled many changes and new ideas to be expressed. Through photography, artists tell stories, express political situations and document contemporary situations and ideological beliefs. 

By showing my photography tempered with mine and other’s ideas the artist can express the changing contemporary thoughts in today’s world. My images have been shown in contemporary museums and galleries. Works have been included in several Rockford Museum Biennales which survey Midwestern contemporary art and many times at the Koehnline Museum of art which each year presents a Woman’s show that keep track of today’s woman and their ideas and struggles. Various contemporary Surrealism sites have included my works and local Chicago galleries and various publications have published my images.

My work is constantly changing as travel is important to me and constantly influences my ideas as I travel. 

Taking a trip with a group of photographers from the New York Center for Photographic Arts (NYC4PA). to Greenland and Iceland resulted in an exhibition at the NoHo Gallery in New York City. Fund shows have enabled me to join with other artists in also promoting art.”

Take A Look - Photograph 11 x 14 in.
Red Head - Photograph 11 x 14 in.
Rough Road - Photograph 11 x 14 in.
Rhythm - Photograph 11 x 14 in.

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