Constantin Gorelov

“My creations are based on love and eroticism. Human body sculptures inspire me as the way of learning antinomic and neurasthenic feelings. I’m charmed by the fleetingness of the moment, lasting only second and possible to reproduce only on canvas. Shades for me are like bones to the anthropologist.”

Dream On A Nude Model - Oil on japan cotton paper 10 x 15 cm

"I started painting at 14. My first creations were painted in oil. Then I had a break. Only 5 years later I started painting again to train and reestablish my hand after surgery. Then I loved to draw fruits because in this theme I always felt the circularity and infinity of life, its renewability, and vastness. I also started to study pastel, tempera, charcoal, China ink, and watercolor.

Life for me is like love. Love is a place where everything originates and begins. I wish there was more love in the world so I’m trying to sketch it in different ways, places, and compositions. So I started to paint erotic and nudity. I see and feel in this scenes, creative love. Insecurity and vulnerability of the human body force you to be honest, truthful and pure. It bares real feelings and experiences which final goal is love."

Constantin Gorelov is a Russian artist who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Direction from Moscow University of Cinematography.

Neurotic Self-portrait - Tempera and China ink on paper 29 x 39 cm
Foxy from "Dark Alley" - Watercolor on paper 29 x 39 cm
Barberini Faun - Oil on paper 29 x 39 cm
Wife And I Collage - China ink on paper 29 x 39 cm

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